Wellmania Cast: Who Plays Liv Healy?


Wellmania Cast: Who Plays Liv Healy?


The Australian comedy-drama Wellmania, featuring comedian Celeste Barber, debuted on March 29 and is already charming Netflix subscribers.

The focus of Wellmania is food blogger Liv Healy. After returning to her hometown in Australia to celebrate her best friend’s birthday, Liv experiences a health crisis that prompts her to reevaluate her life and experiment with various health and wellness techniques to get herself back on track and develop her profession.

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The following is a guide to the numerous Wellmania characters and the brilliant actors that represent them.

Celeste Barber as Liv Healy

Wellmania stars Australian comedian Celeste Barber as the main character Liv Healy. Liv goes halfway across the world to Australia in order to surprise her closest friend on her birthday.

During her stay, she consults a doctor and experiences a frightening health scare that prevents her from returning to the United States.

Liv must rapidly get her life back on track in her hometown, or she risks losing out on a significant professional opportunity.

Celeste Barber is most recognized for her performance as Barbara in the Australian comedy series The Letdown and for her comedic career. Follow her Instagram account.

JJ Fong as Amy Kwan

At least Liv’s best friend Amy is with her when she is trapped in Australia. Amy is Liv’s motive for returning to her hometown, and she will be there to encourage her throughout her struggle to become healthier.

JJ Fong is a brilliant actress from New Zealand who has acted in various comedy programs, including Go Girls, Step Dave, and Flat3.

Alexander Hodge as Isaac Huang

Isaac Huang is shown as a possible romantic interest for Liv. You may remember the beautiful actor Alexander Hodge as Andrew from Insecure or Philky from Black Lightning. He will also appear in the forthcoming comedy film Joy Ride, directed by Adele Lim.

Lachlan Buchanan as Gaz Healy

A comedy show’s return would be incomplete without difficult familial relations. Gaz, the brother of Liv, is engaged to the attractive Dalbert Tan (Remy Hii).

Recent credits for Australian actor Lachlan Buchanan include ABC’s Station 19, Dynasty, and The Rookie: Feds.

More Wellmania Other Cast Members

More Wellmania Other Cast members

Wellmania features a large cast. In addition to the performers listed below, the series also features a number of recurring actors.

  • Remy Hii as Gaz’s fiancé Dalbert Tan
  • Genevieve Mooy as Liv’s mother Lorraine Healy
  • Johnny Carr as Doug Henderson
  • Simone Kessell as Helen King

Wellmania is now streaming on Netflix.

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