We Have a Ghost Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer and All You Need to Know


We Have a Ghost: Everything You Need to Know About the New Netflix Film!


If you enjoy watching ghosts, whether in real life or episodes of Julie and The Phantoms, you’ll love this new Netflix film, which is currently in production.

We Have a Ghost will be added to the streaming platform’s lineup soon, and it has a cast and synopsis that will have you counting down the days.

Of course, we wouldn’t introduce you to such an intriguing film without first providing you with a synopsis of what the film entails, which is why we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the Netflix film. Check it out below!

We Have a Ghost Release Date

Originally scheduled to be released in 2022, as seen in the 2022 Netflix movie preview above, We Have a Ghost and several other films were pushed back to 2023 in August 2022.

Netflix released the film on February 24, 2023, to conflicting reviews from film critics.

We Have a Ghost Synopsis

We Have a Ghost is about a man who discovers his home is haunted by a ghost. Rather than expel the eerie figure from his home, he decides to record the ghost, which eventually propels him to fame.

We Have a Ghost

But he soon discovers why they say not to mess with the dead. Check out this brief synopsis from What’s On Netflix:

Ernest the ghost, was discovered by the homeowner who named him that because the apparition looks like Ernest Borgnine. The homeowner Frank, beings filming his ghost and posting it for the world to see on social media. Ernest becomes a viral sensation. Frank enlists the help of his high school son Kevin to help be a part of a series of dinners held in the house to cash in on the ghost’s popularity. Things take a turn when Ernest and Kevin both go missing and become targets of the CIA.

We did mention that the synopsis would be interesting! Learn more about the We Have a Ghost trailer by reading on.

We Have a Ghost Cast

Here at What’s on Netflix, we’ve been given a fantastic cast, though we don’t yet know what role each actor will play.

These people are involved:

In his ninth Netflix Original film, Anthony Mackie will be back. He most recently appeared in The Woman in the Window for Netflix, but he will undoubtedly return to the role of Falcon in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier for Disney+ in 2021.

David Harbour will appear in his fourth Netflix Original film immediately following his appearance on Black Widow.

Also appearing is Tig Nataro, who previously appeared in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead. Dr. Leslie Monroe will be played by Natatro, it has been confirmed.

There are several other actors set to appear, including Erica Rash (Uncle Drew), Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus), Isabella Russo (Crashing), Niles Fitch (This is Us), Steve Coulter (Shotgun Wedding), and Faith Ford (Hope & Faith).

We Have a Ghost Trailer

Since filming is ongoing, an official trailer has yet to be released. We’ll notify you when the trailer drops so you can see Anthony Mackie and David Habour again.

We’ll keep you updated on We Have a Ghost’s release date and trailer, but in the meantime, check out The Haunting of Hill House, Supernatural, and American Horror Story on Netflix.

Final Words

“We Have a Ghost” is a new Netflix film about a man who discovers a ghost in his home and records it, becoming famous. He enlists his son to cash in on the ghost’s popularity, but they both go missing and become CIA targets.

The cast includes Anthony Mackie, David Harbour, Tig Nataro, Erica Rash, Jennifer Coolidge, Isabella Russo, Niles Fitch, Steve Coulter, and Faith Ford. An official trailer is yet to be released. For more information, visit the website.

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