Wayne Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, and Renewal Status!


Wayne Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, and Renewal Status!

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Wayne Season 2 Updates: Wayne is a television series that airs in the United States. It debuted on YouTube Premium on January 16, 2019, starring Mark McKenna and Ciara Bravo. This Shawn Simmons-created story follows Wayne, an angry young kid, on a murderous road trip with his girlfriend Del to recover his late father’s stolen Pontiac Trans-Am.

The show was an instant success on YouTube, with millions of views within a few days of its debut. Since the first season ended, fans have eagerly anticipated Wayne Season 2. Will there be another season of Wayne? Will he be released? Let’s go through what we’ve learned so far.

Wayne Season 2 Release Date

We can’t disclose anything about the release date because there hasn’t been an official announcement. It is up to Amazon and the producers. We advise you not to believe any internet rumor until an official Announcement is made.

Shawn Simmons, the Producer, revealed to Screenrant that he has already written the second season opener and has the full season planned out. So, if Amazon renews the series, it appears as if the team will just spend a few months writing before heading into production.

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The lead actors are currently involved in other projects. Mark McKenna, in particular, is working on Peacock’s original series ‘One of Us is Lying.’ The series’ first season began in October of last year. A second season of the show has been ordered. So Mark McKenna will be working on it for the foreseeable future.

So, Wayne Season 2 will not be released in 2022. Our best guess is sometime around 2023.

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Wayne Season 2 Cast

Nothing can be said about the Season 2 cast because there isn’t much information yet. In that situation, we anticipate that all of the characters will return in the second season. Almost all of the actors listed here will return to their roles.

  • Wayne McCullough Jr. is played by Mark McKenna.
  • Delilah “Del” Luccetti is played by Ciara Bravo.
  • Sergeant Stephen Kearin Geller, Stephen
  • Officer Jay Ganetti is played by James Earl.
  • Bobby Luccetti is played by Dean Winters.
  • Carl Lucetti is played by Jon Champagne.
  • Teddy Lucetti is played by Jamie Champagne.
  • Tom Cole is played by Mike O’Malley.
  • Orlando Hikes is played by Joshua J. Williams.

Wayne Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no official trailer for Wayne Season 2. We can watch the Wayne Season 1 trailer till the official trailer is out.

According to Prime Video’s Official Series Summary

“Wayne, a 16-year-old Dirty Harry with a golden heart, sets off on a little two-stroke road cycle from Boston to Florida with his new friend Del to reclaim his father’s stolen 79′ Trans-Am.”

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Wayne Season 2: Where Can We Watch It?

This series Wayne Release Date is available to Amazon Prime users. To access all previous and subsequent episodes, you must subscribe to the show.

Nowadays, fans may access any drama series via numerous online ways from any location and at any time thanks to the internet.

This drama series’ availability on internet platforms varies by locale. As a result, we’ll need to see if it’s available in our country.


The show received a lot of great feedback from critics and viewers alike.

In terms of reviews, Rotten Tomatoes gave Wayne an 8 out of 10 ratings based on 12 reviews. According to the website, Wayne is “the most tastefully brutal series you’ll watch all year.”We hope you found this post helpful.

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