Walker season 3 episodes: How many episodes are in the Walker Season 3?


Walker Season 3 Episodes: How Many Episodes Are in the Walker Season 3?


The third season of Walker has gotten off to a tense start. The Walker family has been on edge since Cordell’s abduction, hoping against hope that he will be found and returned home safely.

This was not an isolated incident; he was abducted as a result of something that transpired in his past, and the first half of the season would likely explore the reason for his abduction.

How much time will viewers spend with the Walkers during this season? Here’s what we know about the episode count and timetable for season 3!

Walker season 3 Episode Details

According to TVLine, the third season of Walker would consist of 18 episodes, the same number as the show’s inaugural season and two fewer than the previous year. Given the episode count, viewers can assume that half of the third season will air prior to Walker’s return in 2023.

After the midseason finale of Season 2 in December, there was a brief break before the reintroduction of new episodes in January. Given the Walker Thursdays branding and the availability of the show’s prequel series in the 2022-2023 schedule, it is unlikely that the second half of season 3 will air until February or March, but we’ll keep you informed of any unforeseen delays.

The most recent episodes of the third season of Walker will be streamable on cwtv.com and the CW app as they air on television. Once the season concludes in 2023, HBO Max will be its streaming home. You Must like to Know How Many Episodes Are in Chainsaw Man Season 1? Check Out Full Schedule The first and second seasons are currently available to view on the platform.

Walker season 3 episode release Date schedule

  • Episode 1: “World on a String” – Thursday, Oct. 6
  • Episode 2: “Sittin’ on a Rainbow” – Oct. 13
  • Episode 3: “Rubber Meets the Road” – Oct. 20
  • Episode 4: “Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away” – Oct. 27
  • Episode 5: “Mum’s the Word” – Nov. 3
  • Episode 6 – Nov. 10
  • Episode 7 – Nov. 17
  • Episode 8 – Nov. 24
  • Episode 9 – Dec. 1
  • Episodes 10-18: TBA, likely 2023 release dates

Stay tuned to The Tough Tackle for additional Walker coverage and news! The CW airs new episodes of season 3 every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET.  You must check The Vow season 2 Release Date: Check Out Details of All Season 2 Episodes On cwtv.com and the CW app, next-day streaming is accessible.

Walker season 3 Trailer


Above we discuss walker season 3 episode details. All episode’s release dates are given above and the trailer is also embedded above.

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