Wakfu Season 4 News: Release Date, Cast, Pot and Other News

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After such a long time, might Wakfu Season 4 really be on its way? Fans of the anime-inspired French television series Wakfu have been clamoring for the production company to greenlight a fourth season of the show. The popular video game Wakfu, on which this series is based, is available for free download, and you can begin playing it right away.

The game also served as the inspiration for this series. It was only natural for the studio to be inspired to produce more seasons after the release of the first season because the program garnered popularity among a large number of anime and animation enthusiasts after the release of the first season.

Ankama Animation, the studio that was responsible for the production of the show’s first three seasons, is rumored to be the studio that will be animating Wakfu Season 4, if the rumors are accurate.

We believe that Anthony Tot Roux, Xavier “Xa” Houssin, and Kin “Tcho” Etinoff, who are in charge of character design, are doing an outstanding job. Tot Roux is the director of the series, and Houssin and Etinoff are responsible for character design.

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The Third Season of Wakfu

Since the first three seasons of Wakfu were made available on Netflix, we anticipate that the next fourth season of the series will also be made available on that streaming platform. The vast bulk of the episodes in the series will be produced in France.

There were just a few special episodes that were produced in Japan, but fans adored the show regardless of where it came from. The first season of Wakfu, which consisted of a total of 26 episodes and debuted on October 30, 2008, was when we had the opportunity to see the show for the very first time.

The comic animation show has successfully completed three seasons to this point thanks to Netflix’s decision to stream the show on their platform and translate it into English. We are currently waiting with great anticipation for Wakfu Season 4, which will begin airing soon.

Release Date for the Fourth Season of Wakfu

Ankama Animation’s French animated television programme Wakfu: The Animated Series, which is based on the video game Dofus, has anime influences. The first season’s 26 episodes debuted on October 30th, 2008, and new episodes would show on France 3 until January of 2010. At Anime Expo in 2011, Ocean Studios debuted a second English dub pilot.

On September 2, 2017, the third season of the television show debuted in France. On April 6, 2018, Netflix’s third season made its global debut. The release was supposed to happen on April 1, but it was postponed to prevent clashing with the weekend of Easter and the corresponding holiday event in the Wakfu game.

According to Wikipedia, Season 4, which is supposed to be the concluding part of the story, is now under development, according to a May 7, 2020 announcement from Ankama. A Kickstarter campaign to support its production began on June 8, 2020.

Explanation of How Wakfu Season 3

The conclusion of Season 3 was a little clumsy, which left the fans perplexed because they recognized that Yugo will never be able to bring back the Eliatrope children. This left the fans baffled. Though, Oropo freely acknowledges that he was the one who placed it there.

Prior to that, however, Qilby was the one who constructed the Eliacube. In the first season, the Eliacube belonged to Nox, but Oropo reveals that he was the one who placed it there.

Qilby claimed that he was responsible for the destruction of the Eliatrope civilisation on multiple occasions. During the second season, Qilby learns how to correctly wield the Eliacube, but shortly after that, things begin to take a more sinister turn.

He explains to Yugo that the Eliacube is the one and only way to travel to the White Dimension and rescue the children who are trapped there.

Due to the fact that Oropo uses not just the Eliacube but also the Dofus in the third season, people were able to deduce that children will never come back no matter what Yugo decides to do.

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Characters From the Wakfu

Yugo, the main character of Wakfu, is an Eliatrope who is 12 years old and has a pleasant disposition. He possesses the ability to build portals, which he may use to transport himself or other goods across relatively short distances. He is connected to the history of the world, and he has a strong desire to find out what happened to his family, but in order to do so, there are a lot of things he needs to accomplish first.

Evangelyne is an important character in Wakfu. She serves as the Cra bodyguard for Amalia and is also her best friend. Eva is the member of the gang who maintains the most composure under pressure, and her archery is a formidable force.

Another one of the characters is called Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove, but he’s also known as Tristepin de Percedal, or Dally, for short. He does not possess any special abilities, but he is rather astute, and it was while he was under the control of the Shushu that he first met Yugo.

There are a lot of characters in the Wakfu universe, but these three are perhaps the most fascinating personalities, and they have a lot to provide to the followers of the franchise.

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