Velma Episode 5 and 6 Release Date, Time & Where to Watch


Velma Episode 5 and 6 Release Date, Time And Where to Watch


Velma Episodes 5 and 6 Release Date: A new adult animated mystery comedy series called Velma has gained a lot of fans. This show is based on the Velma Dinkley character from Scooby-Doo. This brand-new program for the small screen was created by Charlie Grandy. In case you were unaware, this is the first installment of the franchise to not feature Scooby-Doo.

On January 12, 2023, the first episode of this show aired, to the delight of the audience. Reviewers and viewers have responded to the series in a variety of ways.

After enjoying the most recent episode, many viewers are eager to learn when Velma Show Season 5 will premiere. Continue reading to learn when it will be accessible.

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Velma Episode 4 Recap

Velma began the episode by boasting about not fitting in. A two-week murder-free celebration followed. The popular clique still ruled. Another brainless body was found by a character. The Mayor told a town hall that Fred would be exonerated because he was in prison when the third murder occurred.

Mr. Jones was upset because he turned Fred’s room into a skating rink. The Mayor knew the real murderer was out there. Authorities knew they couldn’t protect all students. They created HOPE (Hotties Only, Pukefaces Excluded). They would rank and guard the five hottest girls.

Velma Episode 5 and 6 Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

The speaker’s refusal to make a list infuriated Velma. Dinkley described how ranking girls witnessed the Trojan War and Facebook. Velma created the list and dealt with candidates trying to get on it. Pictures in corridors and pole dancing on football goalposts showed desperation.

Norville helped and suggested Fred create that list. Fred Jones listed and received Feminine Mystique. The X-Mystique Men confused him. Norville visited Daphne, who was housebound for safety. Geode was thrown through Daphne’s window.

Flashbacks showed baby Daphne abandoned at Crystal Cove Mines, where the Geodes originated. The Mayor advised Velma to teach girls to be cool. She agreed to free them from the male gaze. Velma hosted the hot girls for “Uggo lessons.” Daphne was Queen Bee and Velma was King Kong.

The hot girls went to school unrecognizable in a montage. They started over when presented to the Mayor. The girls refused transformation, believing that womanhood could be different. One girl called Velma’s definition restrictive and said no one should change.

Norville taught Daphne geode history at Crystal Cove’s Crystal Mines. Crystal Mines followed. Norville admitted to impersonating Daphne to win Velma over. Daphne said he had someone other than Velma. He drove away from the spooky place. Daphne followed him for a ride.

Velma remained herself after her stepmother’s water broke. Dinkley, dressed differently, wondered if society forced her mother to have a baby. When the baby was due, she sought help. Everyone stood with their phones and recorded the incident.

Velma Episode 5 and 6 Release Date

The air date for episodes 5 and 6 of Velma is January 26, 2023. Marching Band Sleepover and The Sins of Fathers and Some Mothers are the titles of the episodes. On Wednesdays of each week, HBO Max will discontinue airing it.

Velma Episode 1 Release Date – The 12th of January 2023 – Velma
Velma Episode 2 Release Date – The 12th of January 2023 – The Candy (Wo)man
Velma Episode 3 Release Date – The 19th of January 2023 – Velma Kai
Velma Episode 4 Release Date – The 19th of January 2023 – Velma Makes a List
Velma Episode 5 Release Date – The 26th of January 2023 – Marching Band Sleepover
Velma Episode 6 Release Date – The 26th of January 2023 – The Sins of the Fathers and Some Mothers
Velma Episode 7 Release Date – The 2nd of February 2023 – Fog Fest
Velma Episode 8 Release Date – The 2nd of February 2023
Velma Episode 9 Release Date – The 9th of February 2023 – Family (Wo)man
Velma Episode 10 Release Date – The 9th of February 2023 – The Brains of the Operation

Where to Watch Velma Episodes Online?

On HBO Max, Velma Season 1 is readily accessible. Every week, the platform gets two new episodes of the show. According to an analysis provided by HBO Max officials, Velma actually broke their record because it was the most watched and first original animated show to air on the service.

Velma Episode 5 and 6 Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Before starting to watch the episodes online, you can frequently check the episode schedule.

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HBO Max has a monthly fee of $9.99 with ads. Users who would enjoy some HBO content as well as other content but don’t want anything too expensive love this recharge plan.

While the platform also has a more expensive plan for users who absolutely do not want to see advertisements while they are viewing content. This more expensive plan costs only $14.99 per month.

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