Untold Season 2: Race of the Century Review and Spoiler– A US Sailor Story!


Untold Season 2: Race of the Century Review and Spoiler– A US Sailor Story!


Untold season 2: Race of the Century will be published on Netflix on September 6, 2022.

Untold tells the tale of America’s Cup, the winner-take-all, do-or-die race of the century, and how one Australian team went to hell and back to win. This is another amazing and nearly impossible story in the Untold series that I highly suggest seeing at one hour and twenty-two minutes.

America has the longest winning streak in history, 132 years, in the world’s most prestigious sailing tournament. The New York Yacht Club was not in the business of losing, and they were willing to go to any length to keep the cup in the United States, which resulted in dirty practices and dirty campaigns.

America’s Cup was a competition for the affluent and famous, the elite, and something that only a few could dream of competing in. It’s not just a cup and a reputation at stake; there’s also a billion-dollar reward fund to be won. It would take a lot of pride, hubris, and drive to go on and beat America for this cup since no one wants to lose that much money. Then, out of nowhere, come those wild Aussies, ready to blow everyone’s heads.

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This documentary features interviews with the gritty, clever, and hungry Australians who are on their way to dethroning America and reclaiming the Cup for Australia. There are also interviews with American sailors who participated in the race at the time.

They needed to win four races to win and keep that coveted cup. America’s Cup is won by the first person to win four races. It only happens every four years. You must design and build the yacht, therefore the tasks need a significant amount of time, energy, and money.

It’s pleasant and comfortable to watch and listen to the Australian team, who were brought together from many diverse backgrounds, reminisce about their development team and how they put this ship together. Their drive to create something bold and revolutionary, as well as the effort that went into it, is motivating.

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Their key invention was a one-of-a-kind keel, which provided them with an advantage and helped them win. As the video progresses, we see the last race between America and Australia, which is a really emotional and nail-biting event.

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There contains film from when they were building the yacht, sailing footage, and modern-day interviews. The interviews are compact and intimate, yet they might feel a little stiff at times. This documentary moves at a fast speed, and the suspense grows as we follow the race of a lifetime. The last moments of Australia’s victory celebrations were breathtaking. People gathering together to celebrate is a great and uplifting sight to behold.

I felt sad for the US sailor because he was put under a lot of pressure to continue his heritage, and he failed, and you can still see the grief in his eyes in his interviews now.

While watching this, I realized that sailing is an extremely intellectually hard activity, and I was surprised at how immersed I became in this narrative. (I’m frightened of water and would never ride in one of these little boats.) A very incredible narrative, with much work and commitment. While it may appear to be a little slower than the previous videos in this series, it is a fantastic example of narrative-driven documentary storytelling. If you enjoy sailing, sports, or lifestyle documentaries, I recommend you watch them.

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