Truth Be Told Season 2 Spoilers, Ending, Review, and What's Next?


Truth Be Told Season 2 Spoilers, Ending, Review, and What’s Next?

Jeremy Caroll

In this post, we will discuss the Truth Be Told Season 2 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained!

What Happens to Leander and Poppy When They Arrive at the Police Station?

The season finale of Truth Be Told begins with police arriving on the scene and investigating Martin Haywood’s dead body. When Aames arrives, both Poppy and Leander are silent, which appears suspicious. As a result, Leander is handcuffed and taken away. As Poppy follows, Markus receives a call from Aames informing him of the situation, and he rushes over.

Poppy reveals what happened to Markus outside the police station after informing the officers that she is adamantly refusing to speak. Anyone can hear it right now because it is outside. However, I digress. Leander will be detained for questioning because neither of them has been honest with the police about the stabbing.

Poppy discovers that Haywood was stalking her once she is safe. But it appears that Haywood called Shelter the morning following the murders. This would support the theory that Micah is responsible for the murders, but is she? Markus begins to harbor similar suspicions, and he calls Ivy to ask her to interpret everything.

Leander advises Poppy to let Micah tell her side of the story when she visits him in jail. He implores her to put this matter to rest once and for all and to avoid trading one sin for another.

What Does Poppy Learn From Micah?

Poppy does exactly that and shows up at an empty theatre. She wonders why Micah stole Rose’s identity, but instead she disparages Poppy and her family name. Micah did not, it appears, lie about everything he said. She feels abandoned by Poppy’s family, whom she claims treated her like family.

Poppy sees through this sweet talk, pointing out Micah’s possible involvement in Joshua’s death. When she mentions the phone calls, Micah is perplexed and dismisses the idea, walking away.

Poppy follows her and eventually encourages her to speak up and discuss her feelings. Micah speaks in front of an empty room about her fractured family life and the times she ran from her own family and into Poppy’s arms. She desired to feel safe and protected, which she did while with Joshua.

Markus confirms that Haywood called Ivy and not Micah as claimed. This might support the notion that Micah is innocent. The warehouse’s CCTV footage supports this, and it incriminates Ivy and puts her on trial for the killings. She is taken away in handcuffs by officers under Aames’ command.

Why Did Ivy Kill Joshua?

Ivy is reticent and averse to speaking to anyone besides Micah down at the station. Micah reluctantly enters her subordinate’s office to speak with him to get a confession.

Josh was not happy with living a lie even though Rose had told him everything. Micah would have been destroyed by telling the truth, and Ivy was not going to allow that to happen. Given the ill will from the documentary, convincing Haywood seemed simple, and Ivy’s investment in Shelter comes from investing her own money to safeguard the company’s reputation.

Why Did Ivy Kill Joshua?

Ivy desired to pen her narrative, and the strategy seemed ideal to her. Josh’s gun, the lockbox combination, and the timing itself all contributed to the successful escape. She and Haywood didn’t plan on Joshua being with Drew, though.

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Drew was struck in the back of the head by Ivy, who then put the gun in Drew’s hand to make it appear as though he was the one who had done it. Ivy claimed that everything was a ruse to safeguard Micah and Shelter’s integrity.

Ivy had plans to kill Rose and make the woman a martyr when she learned about her and how Micah stole her life. Ivy yells at Micah for being a con artist and demands that she be stripped of everything as he leaves.

Following this admission and the coming to light of the truth, Micah and Poppy reconcile. Micah permits Poppy to speak up and share the truth on her podcast as they embrace outside. She apologizes for what happened to Rose, not realizing how quickly the book would become popular. She affirms that Rose and she are inseparable.

How Did Leander Exit From Jail?

The assumption is that the murder of Martin Haywood was committed in self-defense, which is what it appears the police concluded to release him. Ivy is released from prison even though Ivy’s confession doesn’t exactly put him in the clear; it’s unclear at first how the police have interpreted this.

He picks up his biker friends at the gates and drives them back to the bar. He enters by himself, takes Poppy’s birth certificate, and completely burns it. Poppy signs off with the name of Scoville and embraces Leander’s family just as he does while watching the flames lick up the side of the paper.

Truth Be Told Season 2: Review

Just to recap, all this time the police haven’t bothered to look at the warehouse’s CCTV footage from the murder night where they discover Martin Haywood and Ivy outside. Furthermore, what is the deal with the Aames being assaulted by other officers angle? What did this change in the narrative? Perhaps I’m missing something, so feel free to comment if I am, but it seems like this was a pretty shoddy piece of investigative work to pull that CCTV footage out at the last minute.

Truth Be Told Season 2: Review

In the end, Truth Be Told tries to add a surprising twist (which is quite good), but the execution is poor. Although giving Holt the money in the parking lot has provided evidence that this is what happened, much of this season has felt like busywork because Poppy is hell-bent on implicating Micah no matter what.

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Given that Poppy’s Warren Cave sub-plot, which revolved around her having tunnel vision and not seeing the big picture, fizzled out last season, this is especially ironic. Sadly, the same is said in this instance, and despite all suspicions being directed at Micah, it turns out that she is innocent.

In what has otherwise been a meandering and drawn-out mystery with a little intrigue, the story ends on a high note. Truth Be Told is the ideal illustration of when a television program shouldn’t be renewed for another season. Even so, we’ll have to wait and see if Apple decides to renew it for the third season, God forbid. Truth Be Told ends with the big plot points resolved and the truth finally coming to light.

 The expected release date of Truth Be Told Season 3

Truth be Told has finally received approval from the authorities. The official’s disclosure of the show’s renewal status has fans excited for the series’ future. Maisha Closson, the show’s executive producer, has confirmed that new episodes will air.

The program’s official release date is not specified. The debut of the first season was on January 9, 2020, and the debut of the second season was on October 22, 2021. Season 3 of Truth Be Told may air in 2022 because the show already has an annual release schedule.

We are eagerly anticipating the show’s premiere because neither the official teaser for the upcoming season nor the product information has been updated as of yet. The launch day is eagerly anticipated by our crew. Therefore, we will let you know if there are any changes.

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