Transatlantic Season 2 Release Date


Transatlantic Season 2 Release Date: When It Will Come Out on Netflix?

Mai K. Sosa

The intrigue and excitement generated by the first season of Transatlantic have left viewers eagerly awaiting news of a second season. Transatlantic, a magnificent new period drama from Netflix, was created by Anna Winger and Daniel Hendler.

It is based on the true story of the Emergency Rescue Committee (ERC) and Julie Orringer’s novel The Flight Portfolio. Critics and viewers have given the upbeat new series Transatlantic, which centers on a dark period of history, favorable reviews.

Now that the first season of the show has all seven episodes available on Netflix, will there be a Transatlantic season 2 available as well? As fans of the series clamor for information on the release date, speculation and anticipation have reached a fever pitch.

In this article, we will delve into the latest updates and explore the possibilities surrounding the release date for Transatlantic Season 2.

When Will Transatlantic Season 2 Be Released?

Netflix has not decided to renew Transatlantic Season 2. Considering that the show barely debuted on April 7 and that streaming services frequently take some time to announce renewals, this isn’t shocking.

Transatlantic Season 2 Release Date

Furthermore, Transatlantic debuted as a seven-episode short series, much like the Netflix series “Unorthodox,” which was also canceled after one season.

Although certain limited series or miniseries have been known to develop into multi-season endeavors, Transatlantic’s plot seems to have been developed with a distinct beginning and conclusion in mind. Therefore, it doesn’t appear likely that Season 2 will happen right now.

Given that Season 1 was released more than a year after the original announcement, if Transatlantic Season 2 is approved, we might anticipate a spring 2024 premiere.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Transatlantic Season 2?

With outstanding performances, the talented cast of Transatlantic Season 1 brought these great figures to life.

Cory Michael Smith played Harvard-educated journalist Varian Fry, who is motivated by a moral rage to defend others, while Gillian Jacobs played affluent heiress Mary Jayne Gould, who uses her trust fund to fund the ERC.

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Albert Hirschmann was a German Jew who had actively fought for liberation throughout Europe; Lucas Englander played him, and Deleila Piasko played Lisa Fittko, the ERC’s action figure. Radical politician Paul Kandjo was portrayed by Ralph Amoussou, while Zionist Thomas Lovegrove helped Jews flee to Palestine was portrayed by Amit Rahav.

What Will Happen in Transatlantic Season 2?

A Season 2 may be unnecessary given the way the first season ended, with the primary story seemingly resolved. The narrative is set in Marseille, where American Mary Jayne Gold, employed by the Emergency Rescue Committee, teams up with local policeman Varian Fry to rescue refugees from the Germans and their captors.

Transatlantic Season 2 Release Date

A compelling story of daring and heroism is set against the backdrop of an intense game of cat and mouse.

If the show is renewed, we may anticipate seeing some old favorites help the resistance, such as Paul and Albert, and Mary Jayne carrying on with her attempts to sway the US war effort.

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If Season 2 of the show is approved, creator Anna Winger has alluded to several untold stories from the era, offering an opportunity for additional investigation.

Is There Any Trailer for Transatlantic Season 2?

There is no trailer for Transatlantic Season 2 yet, but you can watch the Season 1 trailer right here. We’ll keep this page updated if new footage becomes available.


As fans anxiously await news of Transatlantic Season 2, the series continues to resonate with viewers who appreciate its nuanced storytelling and diverse characters. While the release date remains a closely guarded secret, the anticipation only serves to heighten the excitement surrounding the next chapter in this transcontinental narrative.

For now, fans will need to stay tuned to official channels and announcements for any updates on the release date. The journey across the Atlantic promises to be as enthralling as ever, and when Transatlantic Season 2 finally graces our screens, it will undoubtedly be a momentous occasion for fans of this captivating series.

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