Tom Jones Release Date


Tom Jones Release Date Confirmed: A Thrilling Period Drama

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Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones, one of the most widely read works of the 18th century, is getting a fresh, humorous treatment.

In this four-part period drama airing on PBS Masterpiece and ITVX, Solly McLeod plays Tom Jones, a charming foundling and ladies’ man who embarks on a journey of self-discovery while drawing the attention of numerous women.

What is Tom Jones All About?

The drama, previously adapted for a 1963 film starring Albert Finney and a 1997 television series starring Max Beesley, focuses on Tom Jones, who is abandoned as an infant at Paradise Hall, the residence of kind-hearted Squire Allworthy (James Fleet).

Tom is adopted by the Squire and raised as one of his own sons. However, Tom constantly gets himself in hot water because of his fumbling attempts to control his sexual urges. However, when Tom forms an intense connection with the fiery Sophia Western (Sophie Wilde), the road to true love is anything but smooth.

Tom Jones Release Date

The first episode will air on PBS Masterpiece on Sunday, April 30, and all four episodes will be made available online with a PBS Passport, so say reliable sources.

Tom Jones Release Date

While the UK premiere of the drama has been pushed back, all four episodes are now available on ITVX as of Thursday, May 4.

Tom Jones Cast

Tom is played by Solly McLeod (The Rising, House of the Dragon), and Sophia is played by Sophie Wilde (Eden, You Don’t Know Me).

Squire Allworthy is played by James Fleet of The Vicar of Dibley fame, while Squire Western is played by Alun Armstrong of New Tricks and Sherwood fame, and Shirley Henderson of Harry Potter and The House Across the Street fame as Sophie’s prim and proper Aunt Western.

Hannah Waddingham, who plays Sophia’s conniving aunt Lady Bellaston in Ted Lasso, is after Tom when he visits London. Sophia’s aunt Harriet is played by Tamzin Merchant (Carnival Row), while her abusive husband Fitzpatrick is played by Julian Rhind-Tutt (The Larkins). Pearl Mackie, known for her roles in Doctor Who and The Long Call, plays Sophia’s vivacious maid Honour.

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What is the Storyline for Tom Jones?

Tom Jones’ “lowly birth” becomes an issue when he falls in love with “wealthy heiress Sophia Western, and she falls in love with him,” despite the fact that he was raised by a country gentleman after being abandoned by his biological parents.

Tom Jones Release Date

Tom is disowned by his family and forced to leave the country, while Sophia runs away to avoid an arranged marriage to William Blifil, heir to Paradise Hall. They end up in London, where they meet Lady Bellaston, who has made it her mission to “destroy their love.”

But it’s possible that’s less of a challenge than it seems at first. Sophie is prepared to give up anything for Tom, but she soon learns that he is easily sidetracked by each attractive lady that crosses his path. Will Sophia ever believe Tom when he tells her he’ll always be honest with her? The official summary poses the question, “Can love really conquer all?”


Tom Jones Official Trailer

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Official Trailer For Tom Jones


Tom Jones is a four-part period drama airing on PBS Masterpiece and ITVX, featuring Solly McLeod as Tom Jones, Sophie Wilde as Sophia Western, James Fleet as Squire Allworthy, Alun Armstrong as Squire Western, and Hannah Waddingham as Lady Bellaston.

Tom Jones falls in love with wealthy heiress Sophia Western, but Lady Bellaston tries to destroy their love.

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