Will HBO Max Return With Tokyo Vice Season 2? Here Is What We Know So Far

Jeremy Caroll

HBO Thanks to the launch of a slew of shows ranging from Peacemaker to Minx, Max has quickly become a requirement in many families. Tokyo Vice is one of the most recent to garner attention and appreciation.

This engrossing crime drama, directed by J.T. Rogers and based on Jake Adelstein‘s 2009 book of the same name, transports us to the 1990s and introduces us to Jake (Ansel Elgort), an American journalist who obtains a reporter position at a big newspaper in Tokyo.

He takes on a variety of jobs, including investigating crime, murder, the yakuza, and more.

What Characters Will Appear in Season 2?

The most pressing question for any future production is whether lead actor Ansel Elgort will return as Jake Adelstein in season 2. In early 2020, Elgort began filming the series. A Twitter user accused Elgort of sexual assault in June. Since then, the tweet has been removed.

Two more Twitter users accused Elgort of giving them nude images while they were under the age of 18. The charges have been refuted by Elgort. He has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

Nonetheless, the claims had an impact on West Side Story production, particularly on co-star Rachel Zegler, who was frequently questioned about the allegations in news interviews. Before the claims, Elgort was cast in both West Side Story and Tokyo Vice.

Tokyo Vice Season 2

What’s the Story Behind Tokyo Vice?

Ken Watanabe and Ansel Elgort play crucial parts.

Jake Adelstein, an American writer, moves to Tokyo in the late 1990s to serve as the first foreign-born reporter for a major Japanese newspaper.

He is taken under the wing of a seasoned vice detective and is assigned to a case involving the mysterious and hazardous world of the Japanese yakuza.

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Renewal Is Desired by the Audiences.

It didn’t take long for supporters to express their desire for a second season on Twitter.

It’s easy to see why, given the possibility of further episodes. Here’s a sampling of tweets:

Is a Season 2 of Tokyo Vice in the Works?

The short answer is that it’s still a mystery. HBO has yet to make any announcements about future seasons, but it doesn’t look that the show will be cancelled for the time being.

According to analytics, demand for Tokyo Vice soared by over 18% over the average TV episode, making the show a clear winner for HBO’s streaming platform.

The series has also received positive reviews, with a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 85 percent and a 91 percent audience score.

The series appears to be a hit for HBO Max, and it will almost surely be renewed for future seasons; the series’ conclusion clearly sets itself up for at least another eight episodes.

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It’s a Major Ending, but It’s Also a Start’

Alan Poul, the show’s executive producer, recently spoke with /Film on the series’ conclusion and the possibility of a second season:

“I mean, we’re big fans of this place. These are folks we adore. We adore these characters and aren’t ready to say goodbye to them just yet. And as you’ll see when you come to the season’s climax, it’s a huge finale.”

“Big things change,” he added, “and it’s a big ending, but it’s also a beginning.”

Because this is likely to reflect how many fans will feel after episode 8, it’s a positive sign:

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