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Thor: Love and Thunder: The Latest Thor Venture Will Not Be Delayed in Malaysia; Report

Jeremy Caroll

Golden Screen Cinemas, which owns and operates a large number of movie theaters in Malaysia, has declared that the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” will not be shown in large theaters in that country. Due to unanticipated events, the release of the movie was put on hold for an undetermined period of time and the news broke about two weeks ago.

The movie was released on July 8 in North America, and as a direct result of Taika Waititi’s direction, it has amassed an estimated total of $170 million in revenue up until this point. The picture “Thor” has already brought in a worldwide total of $329 million in ticket sales and other revenue.

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Golden Screen Cinemas made a Social Media Announcement

“Dear valued customers, please be aware that Disney has updated that Marvel Studios’ Thor Love and Thunder will not be published in Malaysia after all. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. In a statement that was shared across GSC’s many social media accounts, the company claimed that it “appreciates your patience and apologizes for any inconvenience caused.”

The theater chain responded to the final portion of the letter with the phrase “Please purchase our products, okay.” This was written at the letter’s conclusion. Within the last week, the nation’s largest movie chain has been the subject of criticism on two separate occasions, the most recent of which being this one.

After Marvel Studios’ presentation at Comic-Con, GSC announced the forward calendar of Marvel films set for release in 2007, but “Thor” was removed from the lineup.

Another Disney film that was scheduled to be released in Malaysia has had its release date pushed back by two months.

A movie that is being distributed by Disney has had its release date pushed back in Malaysia for the second time in the past two months because the release date was moved.

A Pixar animation film titled “Lightyear” was scheduled to be released in Malaysia on June 15, but the release was canceled after the country’s censorship authority (LPF) requested that cuts be made to the film in order for the film to be certified for release in Malaysia. The cuts were understood to include removing a scene depicting a kiss between characters of the same sexual orientation.

As a result of Disney’s refusal to make any cutbacks, “Lightyear” is likely going to be made available for direct streaming on the Disney+ Hotstar streaming service. Because of the film’s gay undertones, the government of Malaysia lodged a complaint against it, as did the governments of almost twenty additional nations, the majority of which are countries with Muslim-majority populations.

Disney has not provided any statement regarding “Thor,” although the company has stated unequivocally that there would be no theatrical release of the film. The LPF requested that the studio make additional cuts, but from what Variety knows, the studio decided against complying with this request.

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COVID Played the Spoilsport

Malaysia’s market, which has a long history of serving as a fruitful one for Hollywood productions, has proven to be no exception. However, the adverse consequences of COVID, which have had a substantial influence on the market, have completely upended the theater industry. This has resulted in a significant loss of revenue.

There were around 77 million people who went to the movies throughout the period of 2017-2019, but in 2021, there were only an average of 3.72 million people who went to the movies.

Exhibitors are reporting that the window for theatrical release in the country has been halved and is now 45 days, and that they are required to pay a 25 percent entertainment tax that does not apply to streaming platforms. There are also reports that the number of days that a film can be shown in theaters in the country has decreased to 45.

In light of the fact that the movie “Thor” has been playing in theaters in the neighboring countries of Indonesia and Singapore since July 6 and July 7, respectively, any further delay in the movie’s release would put the movie at risk of being pirated, given that this is an ongoing problem in Malaysia.

It has been decided not to show the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” in Malaysia at this time. What are your thoughts on the matter in light of the decision that has already been made? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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