The Very Best Games Based on Hit Movies

Edwin Ladd

Over the years, the movie and gaming genres have fed quite nicely into each other. As such, we have been treated to a number of games that have been based on specific films, with some hitting the mark with both communities and others being regarded as nothing more than cash grabs by the makers of them.

It isn’t easy to nail a story from a linear medium and translate it over to an interactive format, so it’s probably no surprise that there have been some notable duds in this particular area. Thankfully, they’re not all bad, though, with some games hitting the mark with modern-day mobile gamers, such as The Mummy: Books of Amun Ra slot, and others thriving on console machines, such as classics like Max Payne. These games aren’t the only options in this particular space, though, especially when looking through the years at the various products that have been released on specific consoles. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most notable releases in this popular category of gaming.

Alien: Isolation

When assessing the shoddy releases in this bracket of gaming, Alien has been associated with plenty of them. Thankfully, though, Alien: Isolation bucked the trend somewhat with a great game based on the iconic alien-based story. With a nod towards the first movie, in particular, players control a survivor of a Xenomorph outbreak, with an array of obstacles to overcome along the way. Given the horror aspect of the game, not only will you be seeing off aliens and aiming to be as stealthy as possible, but you’ll also be panicky throughout.

ImageKnights of the Old Republic

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Star Wars is a truly massive movie franchise, making its foray into the world of gaming entirely understandable. Many releases have failed to deliver on the whole, but Knights of the Old Republic certainly doesn’t. With players in control of the dialogue, given the choices that they make throughout the game, there are many ways this particular title can play out. As players play as an honorable Jedi, a scoundrel who terrorizes bounty hunters, or a Sith Lord, it serves up the familiar characters fans of the franchise adore. From there, players level up, improve their power of force, and immerse themselves in a truly iconic world with gripping storylines throughout.

Mad Max

Although Mad Max was released at the same time as the movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, it isn’t actually based on it. Instead, given the hype around what was a new cinema-based release, the aim was clearly for it to supplement the movie production. Thankfully, while it could have gone horribly wrong, the game drew inspiration from all of the Mad Max movies to create a solid product on the whole. An open-world game serving up the action and adventure you’d expect, you can battle against enemies, drive across a vast landscape, conserve guns and ammunition, and get swept away by a gripping storyline.

Spider-Man 2

Lauded by the gaming community on the whole, Spider-Man 2 is hard to fault when assessing releases in this genre of gaming. Its accuracy is undeniable compared to the actual movie, the gameplay is perfect and easy to grasp, and the wall-crawling features in an open-world setting make it a fun exploration title to session for a few hours. The game’s web-swinging feature is also impressive, alongside the gripping storyline and solid all-round graphics.

Other great games based on movies include the likes of GoldenEye 007, Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Kingdom Hearts II, and Ratchet & Clank.

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