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The Success of Avatar: the Way of Water at the Box Office Is Questioned by Even the Film’s Director, James Cameron. Might Not Be Able to Helm Avatar 4 and 5!

Jeremy Caroll

During his decades-long career, James Cameron has produced a number of memorable impressions, from selling “Aliens” by showing a well-placed money symbol to a group of execs to (according to The Independent) being the type of boss who will blast your phone with a nail gun if it goes off on set.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been shocked when Cameron, with his penchant for taking risks, plowed headfirst into the expensive and long-gestating “Avatar” sequels. But it appears that even he is prepared to confess he has some reservations.

Cameron highlighted the shifting tastes of moviegoers and the long time that has gone since the original “Avatar” film broke box office records in 2009 in an interview with Empire Magazine published in August 2022.

The director hopes that the re-release of the first film in September will help audiences refresh their memory in time for the December premiere of “Avatar: The Way of Water.” “We’ve moved into a little bit of an outer orbit and we’ve had to re-establish ourselves,” the director says. He concedes that some viewers may have forgotten the plot of the original film, but he assures them that the re-release will remedy that.


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“The haters will say no one cares about the movie and they can’t recall the names of the actors or the plot details… Afterward, they give the film another viewing and think, “Oh alright, pardon me, let me just shut the f*** up right now.” As a result, I have no concerns in that regard.”

James Cameron Has Hinted That He May Not Direct “Avatar 4” or “Avatar 5” in the Future!

It’s possible that James Cameron won’t direct Avatar 4 or Avatar 5, the next installments in the franchise.

The director admitted in a recent interview with Empire that he would prefer to shift his attention away from the series in the future. I’ve got some more cool projects in the works as well.

After three or four years, I expect to be ready to hand over the reins as director to a trusted colleague, so that I may pursue other interests of mine. To be sure, it’s possible. “I don’t know,” Cameron said.

Avatar the Way of Water at the Box Office

Though Cameron has decided to step down as director, he is looking forward to the impending sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, which will pick up the tale of the Sully family more than a decade after the events of the first film.

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The topics that are essential to me in real life and in my cinematic life—family, sustainability, climate, and the natural world—can all be expressed on one canvas, Cameron said. As I continued on, I became increasingly thrilled.

Film four is a real winner. This is a motherfuc*er of a situation. To be honest, I’m praying that I make it. But that is subject to market factors. The third installment is already recorded and will be released soon. It’s all connected, so I’m crossing my fingers for parts four and five.

This December 16th, you may see Avatar: The Way of Water in cinemas.

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