The Patient Season 1: Episode 4 Release date, Cast, Trailer, Review and More!

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The Patient Season 1: Episode 4 Release date, Cast, Trailer, Review and More!


This article is a preview for the fourth episode of The Patient, titled “Company,” and may include spoilers for earlier episodes.

The Patient is the most recent FX series made for Hulu by the same team responsible for The Americans. Steve Carell plays Dr. Alan Strauss, a therapist who is kidnapped by one of his patients, Sam (Domnhall Gleeson), a serial murderer who desires Alan’s assistance in healing him.

As Alan and Sam come to know one another under the most precarious of conditions, a tense chamber piece ensues. Can Alan stop Sam from committing another murder? Will Sam take his anger out on Alan? In the next weeks, we will be looking for answers to these crucial issues.

The Patient Season 1 Episode 3 Review

The third episode was quick, but it provided fresh information and a pleasant last-minute shift in the dynamic. In summary, here is what transpired:

  • It was shortly discovered that the woman upstairs is Sam’s mother, Candace, who is aware of her son’s criminal activities, and does not condone them, but cannot bring herself to report him.
  • Sam and Candace were molested by Sam’s father, who left the home when Sam was 14 years old. Regarding this, I have a workable theory; read below for details. Alan resumed therapy with Candace with Sam in an effort to make progress, reframing Sam’s nonviolence as a means of protecting his mother.
  • However, the episode concludes with Sam bringing home another victim who is still alive, but for how long?

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The Patient Episode 4 Release Date

The release date for “The Patient Episode 4” is Tuesday, September 13.

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Where to watch The Patient Season 1 Episode 4

Since The Patient is an FX production created exclusively for Hulu, it is exclusive to the streaming service and requires a subscription to view.

Prediction for The Patient Season 1

The Patient' Season 1: Episode 3 - Recap & Ending, Explained - Who Else Was Living In Sam's House? | DMT

Given the episode’s title, I anticipate that Alan will spend most of the hour attempting to convince Sam not to execute his latest victim. Is this the management of the restaurant, or someone else?
As stated previously, my working hypothesis is that Sam murdered his own father and Candace helped him cover up the crime. This would explain both the origin of his murderous tendencies and her willingness to allow him to continue in her house. It would also explain his father’s abrupt departure, as I’ve never heard of an abusive, controlling man leaving the family of his own will.

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What Is The Total Number Of Episodes?

There will be ten episodes for the Patient.

After the publication of the first two chapters on August 30, the series will resume its weekly release schedule, with a new episode being published every Tuesday.

This indicates that the series will air in the United States till October 25.

The Patient’s release dates are as follows:

Episode 1
Intak, August 30
Episode 2
Alan Learns to Meditate, August 30
Episode 3
Issues, September 6
Episode 4
The company, September 13
Episode 5
Pastitsio, September 20
Episode 6
Charlie, September 27
Episode 7 October 4
Episode 8 October 11
Episode 9 October 18
Episode 10 October 25
Episode 11
Charlie, October 25
Episode 12
Charlie, October 25

The Patient Season 1 Cast

The Patient Season 1 Episode 4: Release Date and Recap

Steve Carell as Alan Strauss.
Domhnall Gleeson as Sam Fortner.
Linda Emond as Candace Fortner.
Laura Niemi as Beth Strauss.
Andrew Leeds as Ezra Strauss.
David Alan Grier as Charlie Addison.

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