The Outlaws Season 2


The Outlaws Season 2: The Release Date, the Cast, the Plot, and More!

Jeremy Caroll

Stephen Merchant’s crime comedy-drama The Outlaws was one of 2021’s breakout hits, and season 2 is already in sight.

Season two will premiere on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on 5 June, after the additional episodes were filmed concurrently with the first block.

Merchant stated, “I enjoy the characters and the setting. I don’t know how long you could believe they’re still doing community service, but I assume it’s similar to Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, where they were always building a new house in a different region of the world.

“So maybe there’s a way to keep drawing people back, especially since I love working with this ensemble, and, as I’ve said, once you’ve built a universe and characters you enjoy writing for, you sort of want to keep milking that cow,” she said.

Release Date of the Outlaws Season 2 Release Date

As stated by Stephen Merchant in a Twitter video, production finished in October 2021 “As they used to say at the conclusion of James Bond movies, have no fear — The Outlaws will return! A second season is already in the works, so you’ll be able to continue following the exploits of these people whenever the next season airs on television.”

The Outlaws Season 2

The second season of The Outlaws will take up where the first season’s dramatic conclusion left off, with the group continuing their community service and the authorities still investigating who shot Spider.

While the police appeared to believe that Ben (Gamba Cole) was responsible for shooting Spider, the rest of the community service group was able to persuade them that any charges would fail in court because there were no fingerprints on the gun and the only witnesses were a racist and Ben’s ex-lover.

The official plot summary for the upcoming episodes reads: “Following immediately on from the first season, The Outlaws still have time to complete their sentences, but they must now deal with the consequences of their conduct.

If they believed the criminal underworld and local police had abandoned them, they were gravely incorrect. The Outlaws must rely on one another and collaborate with odd allies in order to atone for their sins; however, can they save themselves without surrendering their souls?”

The cast of the Outlaws Season 2

For the second season of The Outlaws, Stephen Merchant will reprise his role as Greg, along with Christopher Walken’s Frank, Rhianne Barreto’s Rani, Gamba Cole’s Christian/Ben, and Darren Boyd’s John in addition to Clare Perkins’ Myrna and Eleanor Tomlinson’s Gabby.

The Outlaws Season 2

This season will also feature a comeback for Jessica Gunnin (Dianne’s supervisor Diane), as well as Charles Babalola as Malaki, Nina Wadia as Shanthi, and Ian McElhinney as John Snr, Tom Hanson as Spencer, and Aiyana Goodfellow (Margaret) (Esme).

While Julia Davis (Gavin & Stacey) is a new cast member, Dracula guest stars Dolly Wells (Dracula) and Claes Bang (Dracula).

The Outlaws Season 2 Plot

In the second season of The Outlaws, the group’s community service and the police’s investigation into who shot Spider will continue as they did in season one.

Any charges against Ben (Gamba Cole) would be thrown out of court because there were no fingerprints on his gun, and only a racist and Ben’s jilted girlfriend witnessed it, which would not be enough evidence to convict him.

The official summary for the new episodes reads: “The Outlaws are still in prison and have time to serve their sentences, but they must now deal with the consequences of their acts, which are directly related to the first series. These people were mistaken if they believed they were safe from the criminal underworld or the local police force. To atone for their transgressions, the Outlaws must rely on one another and collaborate with odd allies. But can they save themselves without surrendering their souls?”

Trailer for the Second Season of the Outlaws

In the new teaser for The Outlaws, we see the group continuing to pay the price for their misdeeds from season one. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

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