The Murdaugh Murders a Southern Scandal's Ending Explained


The Murdaugh Murders: a Southern Scandal’s Ending Explained, Who is Responsible for the Murders of Maggie and Paul? 


Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal is a book about the crimes and lies that one of South Carolina’s most famous families tried to hide. Netflix is now showing all three parts of the documentary series.

Murdaugh Murders Netlfix Plot

People in Hampton County say that the Murdaughs are the most powerful family there. They run the biggest law firm in town, and in this area, they are the law. Alex and Maggie and their two sons, Buster and Paul, make up the family.

Paul and his girlfriend Morgan don’t have the best relationship. Abuse is going on, and Paul’s drinking is getting out of hand. His friends say that when he gets drunk, he turns into a totally different person. This happens to him a lot.

The Murdaugh Murders: a Southern Scandal's Ending Explained

In February 2019, Paul Morgan, Mallory, Anthony, Miley, and Connor all decide to go to a party together. Paul insists that they all ride in his boat. After stopping at a bar, Paul gets drunk and starts driving the boat, despite what his friends say and do.

He hits his girlfriend and then keeps driving the boat in a dangerous way, causing it to crash. When the boat hits the bridge in Archers Creek, Mallory, and Anthony are thrown off the board and the others are hurt.

Anthony swims out of the water, but he can’t find Mallory anywhere. The others are taken to the hospital, where Alex and his father, Randolph, try to stop anyone from telling the police what happened. They also say that the boat was being driven by Connor and not Paul.

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While the police are looking for Mallory, it’s clear that Paul’s crime is being covered up by the Murdaughs. After seven days, Mallory’s body is found.

Her parents hired an attorney, Mark Tinsley, who found out that Michael Broach, who was in charge of the investigation for the first 24 hours, and Michael Paul Thomas, who was also an officer, were close to Alex. Because of this, the investigation wasn’t done the way it should have been.

Two months after Mallory’s death, Paul is charged with a felony, which includes boating while drunk and killing someone. But the authorities take care of Paul in a special way. Mark also sued for wrongful death after Mallory died, but the case hasn’t gone to court yet.

Paul then moves into the family cabin on Moselle and keeps living the same way he did before. His parents don’t do anything to try to get him to change.

Soon, Buster gets kicked out of college, and other things happen that put a lot of stress on the Murdaughs. Alex goes to see his parents in June 2021. When he gets home, he finds his wife and Paul dead on their land.

Murdaugh Murders: a Southern Scandal Ending Explained Given Below:

Why Are the Cases of Stephen and Gloria Linked to the Murdaughs?

On a rural highway in July 2015, the body of a youngster called Stephen Smith was discovered. His mother contacted Steve Peterson, a private investigator after officials were unable to determine the cause.

The Murdaugh Murders: a Southern Scandal's Ending Explained

He interviewed Stephen’s close associates, who often mentioned Buster. Also, Stephen’s murder is not the only one associated with this family.

Gloria, the Murdaughs’ housekeeper, passed away on their property in February 2018. They said that she tumbled down the stairs after tripping over their pigs and hurting her head.

Alex was an opioid addict, and Gloria recently discovered his concealed pills. She then presented it to Paul, who was typically concerned about his father’s health. Paul endeavored to stop him from doing narcotics.

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Steve spoke with the property’s caretaker and learned fresh information, including the fact that Alex was not present at the time of Gloria’s death, as he had stated. The attendant and Paul were instructed to relocate Gloria’s corpse and lay it down.

As fresh evidence is discovered, the authorities resume the investigation into Stephen’s involvement in the murders of Maggie and Paul. The Murdaughs have denied all responsibility for Stephen’s death.

Alex’s Financial Crimes

During the same time, Alex is forced to leave the Murdaugh legal practice after the partners discover that he misappropriated client funds.

Alex believes he was shot in the head in the middle of the road shortly thereafter. Nevertheless, it is discovered that Alex paid someone to shoot him, and he is transferred to an opioid rehabilitation center.

Alex’s old customer Curtis Smith claims that Alex phoned him for assistance and then faked a gunfight. Curtis believes that he was falsely accused of the attempted murder of Alex and the killings of Maggie and Paul.

SLED launches an inquiry into Alex’s financial crimes in September 2021 after discovering that he received $4.3 million from the commercial insurance policy he took out on Moselle a month before her death.

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Nevertheless, the money never reached Gloria’s family. Alex is consequently put into arrest. Then he appears before a North Carolina circuit court judge, who surprise denies his bond.

The inquiry into Gloria’s death is still in progress.

Who is Accused of the Murders of Maggie and Paul?

The Murdaugh Murders: a Southern Scandal's Ending Explained

Eventually, forensic evidence implicating Alex with the killings of his wife and children is also discovered. Contrary to his assertion, the evidence indicates that Alex was there when they were murdered.

Alex, a lawyer, is disbarred and charged with two counts of murder for the murders of his wife and son on July 14, 2022. He is accused of killing them, but he pleads not guilty. If he is found guilty, he will be sentenced to life without parole.

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