The Last of Us: A Post-Pandemic Masterpiece Review

Edwin Ladd

Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us,” released for the PlayStation 3 in 2013, set a new standard for video games by having a look closer to a high-end TV show or movie than any other game. It is a glossy zombie thriller on HBO that gives the world’s apocalypse a biological edge. It places a great deal of trust in the writing of its source material. The best part is, the TV adaption closely follows the blueprint provided by the video game.

In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about the film and our in-depth personal review. Take a look now!

The Story of Last of Us

The Last of Us is an American post-apocalyptic drama television series developed by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin for HBO. It is based on the Naughty Dog video game from 2013. This is the first video game-inspired HBO series, and it was created in collaboration between Sony Pictures Television, Naughty Dog, PlayStation Productions, Word Games, and the Mighty Mint.

A parasite by the name of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis appears in the storyline. When ants were exposed to this parasite, it altered their appearance and increased their aggressiveness. This parasite infects people in various ways, resulting in the spread of a fungus that has an impact bigger than that of ants all over the body of infected individuals and, in some cases, the loss of some senses. That said, a pandemic emerged from sick people who are caught up in this horrific aggressiveness.

The Primary Characters of The Story

The main two characters of the story are Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. Taking on the legendary roles of Joel and Ellie puts Pascal and Ramsey under a lot of pressure, but they more than live up to expectations. Pascal’s Joel keeps people at a distance because he lost a lot at the beginning of the pandemic, channeling Troy Baker’s portrayal as a stern loner.

Pascal’s body language, the way he looks at Ellie, and even the way he fights all reflect that loss. However, one of the most moving journeys in The Last of Us is seeing Pascal soften Joel around Ellie as the story progresses.

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How Do The Game and The Last of Us Show Compare?

The Last of Us, like the game, dives us into a world overrun by the Cordyceps fungus. It transforms its human hosts into a variety of brutal zombie-like entities. Survivors must choose between living in harsh Federal Disaster Response Agency (FEDRA)-managed quarantine zones or risking their lives in the wild.

Some of the show’s most exciting camerawork mirrors the sensation of playing a game by following people closely as they navigate unfamiliar places. As a result, the third-person perspective used throughout The Last of Us’ cinematic cutscenes is brought to mind. These moments keep us completely involved in Joel and Ellie’s continually dangerous world in addition to serving as amusing craft tribute to the game.

However, many of The Last of Us’s most memorable scenes break from the game’s prescribed plot. The same kind of hopelessness Mazin cultivated in Chernobyl is recalled by a flashback showing a scientist coming into contact with the Infected at the beginning of the pandemic. We are aware that disaster is coming and that there is nothing we can do to avert it.

What Sets The Last of Us Apart From Other TV Dystopian Shows?

The humanity of The Last of Us distinguishes it from other TV dystopias. It’s not the typical post-zombie outbreak scenario when everyone is out for himself. Instead, although the world is in ruins, it is still recognizable because, after a catastrophe, humanity has turned against itself.

There are a lot of dictatorships, poverty, and fear. A thriving black market for pharmaceuticals and luxuries has formed, and everyone is routinely screened for the deadly sickness. People beg for a day’s employment, such as cleaning the sewers or perhaps burning the bodies of ill youngsters.

To get through the day, some take medications to suppress their senses. A suffocating fog of sorrow hangs over everything. You can’t help but believe that this is how humans would actually respond to the end of the world: not in lawlessness, but rather in opportunistic and merciless control.

Final Thoughts

The Last of Us Part is absolutely great. It is amazing and done in a way that doesn’t feel pressured how the characters struggle through these feelings and draw you in the right along with them. While providing some open-world aspects in a non-open-world game, it achieves a fantastic blend of action and a heartfelt plot. This movie provides you the chance to discover the secrets of this post-pandemic world and explore it.

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