The Irrational Season 1 Release Date: is There a Trailer for the Season 1?


The Irrational Season 1 Release Date: Is There a Trailer for the Season 1?


Jesse L. Martin’s role as Joe West, a lawman on The Flash, made him a household name. The announcement that he will be starring in The Irrational series came out just after he left the part of Joe, and it will be great to watch him return to form. He’ll play the role of the insightful professor of behavioral science who knows more about people than anybody else.

This new series, adapted from Dan Ariely’s best-selling book, will be written by Arika Lisanne Mittman, who has previously worked on hit shows including Elementary.

She will serve as an executive producer on the show with Goffman, Baum, and David Frankel. All we know about the show’s first season is included here.

The Irrational Season 1 Release date: When will it Air?

However, the exact release date for the new program has not yet been determined, and we do not know when the series will premiere.

The series announcement was made in late 2023, and before then, there were no updates on whether or not the series writing had begun. We have yet to select the series’ filming location and production start date.

The number of episodes for the future program is also unknown, but we anticipate that this information will be updated as the series proceeds.

If production begins this year, the earliest you can expect to watch the forthcoming series is before the end of the year or early next year.

The Irrational Season 1 Plot: What Is the Story About?

The Irrational Season 1 on NBC Scheduled to Premiere in 2023

The plot of the series centers around famous behavioral scientist Alec Baker. It has been sought out for assistance in solving some of the world’s most perplexing criminal cases.

He has also worked with governments and organizations in an effort to comprehend behavior from a unique perspective. The forthcoming show is an adaption of Dan Ariely’s novel Predictably Irrational. Ariely, the creator of the series, will serve as a consultant for the future episode.

The Irrational Season 1 Cast

Mittman is the writer and executive producer of the series, alongside Samuel Baum and Mark Goffman. Mittman has worked on several television programs, including “La Brea, and Timeless,” and was the show’s creator and executive producer.

Goffman has also contributed to television programs such as White Collar and The Umbrella Academy, while Baum has developed Lie to Me, the Wizard of Lies, and The Surgeon General.

The new series will include Jesse L. Martin, Travina Springer, Arash DeMaxi, and Maahra in starring roles. Jesse will presumably play Alec Baker, the protagonist of the series and a Behavior expert.

Is There a Trailer for the Irrational Season 1?

Sadly, a trailer for The Irrational series has not yet been released and will not be released anytime soon. The series was announced in late December, and production has not yet begun as of February 28, 2023.

It may begin in the middle of 2023, meaning the earliest the series trailer might be released either before the end of the year or in early 2024.

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