BBC Confirmed the Release Date of the Gold; Check Out the Trailer & Cast Details

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BBC Confirmed the Release Date of the Gold; Check Out the Trailer & Cast Details


The Gold, which airs on BBC1, depicts the true story of a group who looted the Brink’s Mat security warehouse near Heathrow and unintentionally discovered gold bullion worth £26 million.

The six-part thriller, starring Hugh Bonneville, Jack Lowden, Dominic Cooper, Emun Elliott, Charlotte Spencer, and Tom Cullen, depicts the events of November 26, 1983, when six armed men mistakenly carried out the largest steal in history, as well as the long-term consequences of that robbery.

The robbery was a crime that had far-reaching consequences for London, including most of the Docklands development in the 1980s, and it left controversy and murder in its wake.

So here’s everything you need to know about The Gold, which airs on BBC1 and Paramount Plus, including the new trailer…

The Gold Release Date

BBC Confirmed the Release Date of the Gold; Check Out the Trailer & Cast Details

The Gold is a six-part true-crime drama that will premiere on BBC1  in the UK on Sunday, February 12 at 9 p.m. and will be available as a box set on BBCiPlayer. The Gold will also air on Paramount Plus in the United States later in 2023. Keep an eye on this space for updates on the US release date on Paramount Plus as soon as it is confirmed.

What is the Plotline of the Gold?

The Gold chronicles the narrative of the infamous Brink’s-Mat robbery and is based on significant research and interviews with several of those involved. On November 26, 1983, six armed thieves set forth to carry out what was believed to be “a conventional Old Kent Road armed robbery”.

When they broke into the Brink’s-Mat security station near Heathrow Airport, they discovered gold bullion worth £26 million. The robbers got entrance to the warehouse due to a security guard who was complicit in the crime, then poured gasoline on the employees inside and threatened them with a lit match if they did not give the vault’s combination digits.

The heist constituted a watershed moment in British criminal history, with ramifications that spanned the globe. The sale of gold bullion spawned large-scale international money laundering, and the unlawful profits fueled the property boom in London Dockland. It brought together blue and white-collar crooks and set off a chain of events that culminated in murder.

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Who is the Cast Member of the Gold?

The Gold has an all-star cast, with four fantastic leads…

Jack Lowden plays Kenneth Noye

Jack plays south London/Kent criminal Kenneth Noye who helped the criminals dispose of the gold bullion. Slow Horses on Apple TV+ and BBC1’s Small Axe feature Jack Lowden. In 2019, he played wrestler Zak Knight in Fighting With My Family (shown below) and participated in BBC1’s War & Peace adaption with Kit Connor. He appeared in Wolf Hall, The Tunnel, Mrs. Biggs, and Dunkirk.

BBC Confirmed the Release Date of the Gold; Check Out the Trailer & Cast Details

Hugh Bonneville as Brian Boyce

The top Met detective, Brian Boyce, is played by Hugh. TV and film actor Hugh Bonneville is enormous. He is well known for his portrayal as aristocratic Robert Crawley in Downton Abbey, which became a lucrative film franchise. Hugh appeared in BBC comedy W1A, Rev, and Sandylands. I Came By, a 2022 Netflix horror film, starring him.

Dominic Cooper stars as Edwyn Cooper

Dominic, from Mamma Mia!, plays a shady solicitor/businessman involved in plots to hide and invest the stolen bullion money. The History Boys play and film made Dominic famous. He plays Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger. He appeared in Sense & Sensibility, My Week With Marilyn, and The Devil’s Double. He played Ian Fleming in the Sky programs Fleming and Agent Carter.

Charlotte Spencer as Nicki Jennings

Charlotte plays ambitious young detective Nicki Jennings on the investigative squad. Charlotte (Charlie Spencer) is best known for playing Esther in Sanditon on ITV/BritBox. She appeared in Baghdad Central, The Duke, Line of Duty, and Cinderella 2021. She played Karen in BBC1’s Us and voiced Nettle in Watership Down.

Who Are the Other Actors in the Gold?

Tom Cullen (Black Mirror) plays criminal John Palmer and Emun Elliott (The Rig) plays Met detective Tony Brightwell in The Gold. Sean Harris (Mission: Impossible) plays Gordon Parry, Kenny Noye’s criminal partner.

Peter Davison is Met Police Assistant Commander Gordon Stewart, Josef Altin is Brink’s Mat security guard Robert Wright, and Adam Nagaitis (Red Rose, Chernobyl) is Brink’s Mat robber Micky McAvoy. Isabel Cooper (Ruth Bradley, Ted Lasso, Guilt) (wife of Edwyn Cooper). Nichola Burley (Behind Her Eyes) plays Brenda Noye, Kenny’s wife.

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Daniel Ings (I Hate Suzie, Lovesick) joins James Nelson-Joyce, Ellora Torchia (Grantchester), Stefanie Martini (Prime Suspect), Sophia La Porta (Four Weddings And A Funeral, Ripper Street), Dorothy Atkinson (Call The Midwife, Stonehouse), Adam Nagaitis (Red Rose, Chernobyl)

Hadley Fraser (Gentleman Jack, Endeavour), Silas Carson (Doctor Who, Strike), Sean Gilder (Sherwood, His Dark Materials), Amanda Drew (A Very British Scandal, Wednesday), S (The Trial of Christine Keeler, White House Farm).

Final Words

The Gold, starring Hugh Bonneville, Jack Lowden, Dominic Cooper, and Emun Elliott, premieres on BBC1 on February 12. Based on the true story of a group who looted Brink’s Mat security warehouse near Heathrow. They mistakenly discovered gold bullion worth £26 million in the vault. They are caught up in an elaborate plot to hide and invest the money.

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