The Farmers Country Showdown Season 7 Episode 1


The Farmer’s Country Showdown Season 7 Episode 1 Release Date, Time and Time & Stream Guide


The Farmer’s Country Showdown, which airs on BBC One, is a great way to unwind. The series is a documentary that takes place in a rural part of Kent and provides an insight into the everyday lives of the humble family who live there.

It debuted on February 13th, 2017. The show premiered as a 15-episode trip, with each episode focusing on a different form of competition taking place in the communities.

These families can compete in a variety of categories, ranging from the largest fruits and vegetables to the strongest horses. Denis Lawson and Bill Paterson narrate this television series.

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We get to see not just the competition, but also the efforts that each farmer makes just to obtain an opportunity to show off their hard work. The Farmer’s Country Showdown is also full of good relationships, not to mention the comfortable and inviting rural charm.

With the 7th season set to premiere in January 2023, there’s a lot more to come in the newest series of competitions. A distinctive variety of sheep, farmer’s market sales, uncommon horses, and much more will be featured in this season of the show.

The Farmer’s Country Showdown Season 6 Recap

With approximately 20 episodes in the previous season, we observed the experiences of numerous families, each with its unique narrative to tell. Whether it was Sarah’s Kunekune piglets or Sharon and Andrew’s Ryeland Sheep, the show included a variety of fascinating stories about these great families.

In addition, we witnessed the chaos at the farmer’s market and the effort required to provide high-quality fruits and vegetables. With programs like The Farmer’s Country Showdown, many more individuals are becoming aware of the efforts of these farmers.

The Farmer’s Country Showdown Season 7 Episode 1 Release Date, Time and Time & Stream Guide

In the episode of the Westmorland County Show, Debbie and Paul’s adorable alpacas competed for the title. Rhian and her children participated in the Mid-Somerset Show, where they exhibited their sheep.

When Ross and James brought their trained dogs and decided to enter them in the Macclesfield Sheepdog Trials, sheepdogs joined in the fun. In addition to being evaluated for their ability to herd sheep, the dogs were also evaluated for factors such as bad weather and environment.

The show then moved to the Westmorland County Show, where Rodney and Annabell brought their special cows to compete in the Cumbria contest.

The season concluded with the Royal Cheshire County Show, where two couples from Sheffield and Catterick were featured. They both participated in the Goat show, where the top goats were awarded a trophy.

The Farmer’s Country Showdown Season 7 Episode 1: Release Date

This season of the television program will premiere on January 2, 2023. Each edition of The Farmer’s Country Showdown will last around 45 minutes and will show Monday through Friday.

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What to Expect With the Farmer’s Country Showdown Season 7 Episode 1?

At the beginning of the next episode, David and Charlotte will be shown competing at the Kilnsey Show. There, they will present their finest range of sheep and compete in approximately 18 different categories.

The Farmer’s Country Showdown Season 7 Episode 1 Release Date, Time and Time & Stream Guide

It has been decided that the Yorkshire Dales would play host to the Kilnsey event. The second family who will be featured on the show is James and his daughter Hannah. James and Hannah have taken some amazing images of their flock, and they are also looking forward to participating in the Kilnsey Show.

Where to Watch the Farmer’s Country Showdown?

This uplifting and relaxing show can be seen on BBC One every day at 10:45 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon. BBC Iplayer is another option for those in the UK who want to watch the series.

What Location Does the Show Have?

The show frequently visits a variety of tiny rural villages in Kent and the counties that surround it, all of which contribute to the show’s wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. The majority of the time, each episode focuses on a number of distinct families, all of whom own farms that are located in the surrounding community.

For example, the previous season began with a family from Edenbridge and continued to illustrate the lives of people from various locations such as Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Sussex, and so on. The regions of Yorkshire, the North York Moors, Lincolnshire, and East Sussex have been identified as the potential settings for this season’s episodes.

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