The Catholic School: Is it Available to Watch On Netflix and Is it based on Real Events?

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What if rape were not classified as a violent crime? Will this be a just resolution for the young women who have to deal with such horrible acts? Of course, not! The disturbing film known as The Catholic School is ultimately responsible for bringing us all here to discuss this issue. It is a film from Italy that was made available on Netflix on September 14th, 2022.

It was first shown to the public for the first time at the Venice Film Festival the year before, and then after almost a year, the content was made available on the streaming platform Netflix. On October 7, 2021, Italian fans were finally able to watch it on their televisions. The film, which is based on a novel of the same name, features an ensemble cast and is based on the novel.

Edoardo Albinati, an Italian novelist, is the one responsible for penning this book. This Italian film, which was once given the title La Scuola Cattolica, has a lot to say regarding rapes and acts of domestic violence.

The Catholic School is a film that is restricted to audiences above the age of 18, and in addition to this restriction, it has received positive reviews from film critics. Additionally, it was awarded the Strega prize.

The grim reality of Roman civilization is depicted for the entirety of the film’s running period of 107 minutes. The director Stefano Mordini has made an effort to tell the story in a fairly accurate manner.

Edoardo is the one who relates the tale, and he talks about a prestigious private high school for guys. Anyone who watched The Catholic School will undoubtedly be left wondering whether or not the scenario depicted in the film is based on a true event. This is due to the fact that the film’s depictions of cruelty, elite advantages, and violent deeds encourage viewers to investigate the veracity of its claims. Therefore, without further ado, let’s cut to the chase and get to the heart of the matter.

The Catholic School: Is it Available to Watch On Netflix and Is it based on Real Events?

Simply responding with a yes. The events depicted in the film The Catholic School are based on real-life occurrences that took place on the streets of Rome in the year 1975. In the series, three privileged lads from prominent families are seen planning to rape and sexually assault two innocent girls. First, two of them, Angelo and Gianni, approach the females in an attempt to form friendships with them. Then, once everyone becomes acquainted with one another, the boys take advantage of the situation.

They are able to make touch with two girls named Donatella and Rosaria and then kidnap them and take them to a house in the middle of nowhere. They force both of them to lock themselves in the bathroom while holding a gun to their heads. The girls were taken aback because they believed that the lads had brought them to that location only for the purpose of attending a low-key party and generally hanging out there.

Angelo has Donatella and Rosaria take off their clothes against their will. As the narrative progresses, it becomes clear that the boys have forced the girls to sit and wander around the house naked without giving them any clothes to wear.

Even Gianni and the other boy were clad in nothing but their underwear. Donatella never stopped pleading for forgiveness, but her efforts were in vain. She was anxious about what she would say to her mother and father. Rosaria gave up totally any hope that she would ever be able to go back to her home. They were subjected to unrelenting sexual harassment at the hands of these privileged adolescents.

They would have put the girls to death without hesitation if Donatella and Rosaria had followed their instructions and done what they said they should.

Next, we have the appearance of a second offender at the scene. He went by the name of Andrea. At first, he approaches the girls in a gentle manner, and Donatella begs him for assistance. However, he also demonstrated his ruthless nature. After a few days have passed, the three of them are now attempting to conceal the bodies of the females.

There was blood surrounding the various sections of Donatella’s body, and Rosaria had passed away. Angela drapes each of the bodies in a blanket before covering them with a piece of plastic. In a stealthy move, he transports the body to his father’s vehicle. After conducting an investigation into the incident, the police decide to arrest Angela. Donatella is rescued from the car, but by this point, she is traumatized and unable to cope with what has transpired in the past three days.

It was not a criminal to rape a person at the time when this horrific, cruel, and heinous event took place, according to the true account of what happened. Simply put, it went against the grain of accepted morality.

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Following the conclusion of this case, each of the accused was given a life sentence. The case of Donatella and Rosaria not only galvanized the people to call for the enforcement of the law, but it also caused the streets of Rome to quake. In 1996, Italian legislation was revised, and as a result, sexual assault was finally classified as a criminal offense for the first time.

After being placed on parole in 2005 for his exemplary behavior, Angelo went on to execute two additional murders of female victims. Andrea evaded capture and continued to live in secrecy. In the end, the criminal perished in Morocco in the year 1994. Because his punishment sentence was decreased in 2009, Gianni has been free since that year. Donatella, the woman who was killed in this massacre, survived for 47 years before passing away in the year 2005.

The Catholic School Review

The movie does not take the obvious route. The chain of occurrences that was displayed seemed to be difficult to connect with. The scenes shift without warning, making it difficult to piece together what exactly is going on in the tale. Edoardo serves as the story’s narrator from beginning to end, and it is he who introduces us to the cast of people.

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As this movie primarily focuses on three privileged lads, many of them don’t really contribute much to the narrative at all. The Catholic Boys reveals, in the most fundamental sense, what went down at that school in the 1970s and how the pupils lived during that time period. The narrative has a specific order of events from beginning to end.

Picchiatello, whose mother was a stunning actress, had a sexual relationship with Jervi, a fellow student at his school. Jervi was unaware of their relationship. Jervi also had a romantic involvement with Gioacchino Rummo, who was involved with Lia. Gioachhino was adopted into a devout family not long ago. Arbus is planning to graduate high school early in order to pursue his career.

One could claim that he was the smartest and that everyone looked up to him the greatest. Edo has a favorable opinion of his sister. Salvatore is Angelo’s brother. He is one year older than all of Angelo’s other mates combined.

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The film’s second act abruptly shifts its attention to the characters and plot that are important to the overall narrative. Overall, I would recommend giving this movie a try, but it is absolutely not appropriate for anyone under the age of eighteen.

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