The Batman 2 When is This Movie Happening or It Cancelled?


The Batman 2 When is This Movie Happening or It Cancelled?


The Batman was a big success earlier this year, but it appears that while a sequel is in development, it will not be released for quite some time.

Although The Batman 2 appeared to be the most certain sequel going to theatres in the near future, the current state of uncertainty at Warner Bros. Discovery has fans wondering what may or may not occur with their DC production in the coming years. According to a new report from Variety, the popularity of The Batman has prompted the production of a sequel, but fans will have to wait quite a long to see Robert Pattinson’s interpretation of the Bat return to the big screen.

The Batman 2 When is This Movie Happening or It Cancelled?

The most recent reports on the status of The Batman sequel indicate that Warner Bros. Discovery has not yet given the film the formal go-ahead, despite the fact that writer/director Matt Reeves is currently writing the screenplay for the return of this newer, grittier version of the Dark Knight. Since the recent shift in Warner Bros. Discovery’s strategy, which is reported to now include a 10-year plan for the DC franchise’s future, the movie still appears to be awaiting the ultimate green light.

During the most recent Warner Bros. Discovery Earnings call, new CEO David Zaslav explained how the company’s plan for the DCEU and beyond is heavily focused on securing the franchise’s longevity. He elaborated:

“We have reset the system. We have organized the business. There will be a team with a 10-year DC-specific plan. It is extremely similar to the framework that Alan Horne, Bob Iger, and Kevin Feige created so successfully at Disney. We believe we could establish a far more sustainable, long-term growth business in DC, and as part of that, we will prioritize quality. We will not release any film before it is ready… The focus will be on how to make each of these films as good as possible in general. DC is something we can improve, and that is our current emphasis.”

The Batman Was Unlike Other Superhero Films

While earlier Batman films portrayed the character as a fantastical crime-fighter, swooping around Gotham with an endless array of technologically advanced weapons and a rogues gallery of colorful and frequently over-the-top villains to contend with, this film takes a more realistic approach to the character. Batman was brought back to his roots as a masked detective trying to piece together clues in order to stop the Riddler from carrying out a deadly plot by Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson, who rejected the typical Batman stereotypes.

The Batman made over $750 million before it was available for streaming on HBO Max, demonstrating that while many people weren’t prepared for the dark, noir-style movie it turned out to be, there were still plenty of Batman fans who went to see it in theatres. Additionally, interest in the new world that the movie created led to the creation of two HBO Max spin-offs centered on Colin Farrell’s Penguin and Arkham Asylum. Since the major reorganization at Warner Bros. Discovery, there hasn’t been much information accessible about them, much like the sequel, so it’s basically a waiting game to see when and whether the next installment of The Batman succeeds or fails.

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