Tex Mex Motors Netflix Release Date


Tex Mex Motors Netflix Release Date: What Can Fans Expect from Netflix Original Series?

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Next month should see the debut of the high-octane series Tex Mex Motors, which was teased in the teaser. The program will highlight the interesting stories of how “junkers” are changed into “jewels” by a team of experts that specialize in the radical restoration of abandoned autos.

Everyone who has even a passing interest in automobiles should watch the Netflix series. The reality show’s trailer premiered on the platform last month, offering viewers their first look at how a team of specialists moves used cars from Mexico to El Paso and gives them a dramatic makeover. The discarded automobiles have been repurposed into trendy goods.

What Can Fans Look Forward to Seeing in the Netflix Original Series Tex Mex Motors?

The brief but informative description hints at the exciting things to come in the next installments of the series without giving too much away. Gearheads curious about ways to improve their vehicles will probably enjoy this show. One of the Tex Mex Motors employees mentions early on that it’s tough to find a classic car for a decent price in the States.

However, there is still a wealth of underrated treasures in Mexico. They scour the scrapyards for oddities and bring them over to be fixed at the other side of the border. But that’s just the beginning; the real job is turning them into works of art worth thousands of dollars.

Tex Mex Motors Netflix Release Date

They’ve created a shop in El Paso specifically for this show, where we can observe their modifications to numerous vehicles and possibly even meet consumers who are anxious to make their own modifications. It is up to them to repurpose these pieces of discarded metal into works of art worthy of being purchased by the wealthy.

The trailer also showcases the team’s El Paso storefront opening. Here, we witness them at work on a variety of vehicles and dealing with high-profile clients who seek their services so that they can customize their own automobiles.

When and Where Can I Watch Tex-mex Motors?

The premiere of Tex Mex Motors, an original series produced by Netflix, will take place on June 9, 2023. Netflix subscribers are the only people who can see reality shows.

Tex Mex Motors Netflix Release Date

Who Are Some of the Actors Who Might Appear in Tex-mex Motors?

Rob Pitts, better known by his nickname, Rabbit, has over 124,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. He will impart his wisdom gained from buying and selling hundreds of cars all around the United States in this episode. Sammy Maloof, another cast member, has a remarkable talent for developing high-horsepower racing engines through the use of bespoke combinations.

Many popular TV shows and magazines have included his acting work. He has also spent over 25 years as a Hollywood stuntman, appearing in films such as Mission Impossible, Fast & Furious, Burn Notice, Three Kings, The Hitcher, and countless others.

While waiting for the premiere of Tex Mex Motors, you can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are Manifest Sequel and Bird Box 2.


Tex Mex Motors is a Netflix original series featuring a team of experts who restore abandoned autos into trendy goods. Tex-Mex Motors is an original series produced by Netflix, featuring Rob Pitts and Sammy Maloof to repurpose discarded metal into works of art worth thousands of dollars.

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