Survivor 43' Cast Confirmed


Survivor Season 43 Cast: Check Out the New Contestants


The third season of Survivor will feature 18 “castaways” divided into 3 teams competing against one another. So who are the 43rd season’s competitors? On Wednesday, September 21, the 43rd season premiere of the reality series Survivors will air on television.

18 new castaways will be left behind in the Mamanuca Islands, which are off the coast of Fiji.

For a chance to win the $1,000,000 prize, they will have to outlast, outplay, and outwit everyone else over the period of 26 days. Who are the daring people who will give it their all, then? Let’s investigate.

Season 43 of Survivor will begin with three tribes

There will be 18 castaways this season instead of the 20 from the previous two. Additionally, they will be divided into three tribes with six players each instead of the usual two: Baka (yellow), Coco (blue), and Vesi (red).

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Meet the Baka Tribe!

Elisabeth ‘Elie’ Scott

Scott views Survivor as a vehicle for personal development and evolution. The 31-year-old clinical psychologist intends to play a very sociable game to encourage the other candidates to open up.

The native of Atlanta, who currently resides in Salt Lake City, is infatuated with Survivor, comparing herself to former contestant Cirie Fields and stating that she will be “a wolf in a brené brown suit.”

Mike Gabler

The 53-year-old transcatheter valve expert from Houston, Texas has been a dedicated viewer of the show since its start. Gabler asserts that despite his “stern-appearing” persona, he has a golden heart and intends to exploit it to win.

As he usually says, “a good buddy will always stab you in the front,” he hopes to win over his fellow castaways by eliminating them one by one with a smile.

Morriah Young

The performing arts teacher at a middle school in Philadelphia has a vibrant and vivacious personality, which she will exploit to win season 43 of Survivor. Her superpower consists of “kicking with color and punching with happiness.”

The 31-year-old believes she will be regarded as a danger since she strives to improve whatever environment she enters. She joined the game to complete the last item on her mother’s bucket list.

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Meet the Vesi Tribe! (Red)

Dwight Moore

The graduate student at Stanford University believes he has the ability to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Since a young age, the 22-year-old has been pursuing a career as a journalist and has already interviewed three secretaries of state and a few senators. Moore believes that his maturity will make him the only survivor.

Cody Assenmacher

The 35-year-old is an adrenaline junkie who seizes every opportunity for a new adventure, which is why he has “life” tattooed on his cheeks. The elevator and escalator sales executive is no stranger to island life; he currently resides in Hawaii.

However, much as in his home state of Iowa, he is all about friendliness. However, this does not preclude him from being as cunning as his hair, “relationship building in the front and madly strategizing in the back.”

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Noelle Lambert

Six years ago, Lambert was a three-sport varsity athlete until a moped accident caused her to lose her leg above the knee. However, she returned to sports and competed in the 100-meter event at the Tokyo Paralympics, where she set a new American record.

She does not want people to view her as damaged, but rather as inspired and motivated, stating that she will be the first amputee to win the Survivor competition.

Meet the Coco Tribe! (Blue)

James Jones

The 37-year-old event coordinator knows how to plan for the future and when to break from the plan. Jones believes that his chess talents will benefit him in Survivor 43.

Chess, which he learned while growing up in Philadelphia, showed him that there are multiple ways to win. “The more variables and unpredictability there are, the better,” he argues.

Lindsay Carmine

Carmine, at age 42, is one of the oldest contenders, but she views her age as a strength, not a problem. She believes that her fellow competitors will underestimate her.

The pediatric nurse believes that in order to be successful in the field, one must thrive in chaos. When she reaches the final three, she intends to heed her father’s advice, “Do you hurry up or slow down in the final mile of a marathon?”

Ryan Medrano

When Medrano was born three months prematurely and with slight cerebral palsy, doctors predicted that he would never walk. He became a personal trainer following years of physical treatment.

Although the disease slowed his thinking, it compelled him to interpret body language and facial expressions to anticipate his opponents’ next actions. So that I don’t get lost in the conversation’s dust. He believes that this will be one of his talents on Survivor.

Cassidy Clark

The recent college graduate was scheduled to appear on the show in 2020; however, the epidemic has other plans. The 26-year-old claims that now is the ideal moment to go on the show, as she is still young and in good form.

She believes that her animal spirit, the fox, will lead her to victory. Like her Irish name, the fox is both intelligent and naughty. “The fox has emerged from her den.”

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