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Stab That Cake! Episode 1 Release Date, Time & Where to Watch?


If you enjoy watching bakery shows and have been looking for new ones to watch, there is some good news for you. Slice That Cake! Episode 1 will be available soon. The upcoming show has a completely different plot. The bakers in this episode will be faced with making cakes that do not appear real!

Yes, this is the core topic of the entire show. Fans will be asked to guess if it is correct or not. If they can’t agree, the baker wins.

Michael Pearlman is the show’s director. It is not the first time the creators have created a bakery show. However, such a new concept appears only on rare occasions.

There would be a supermarket where the cakes would be displayed, and fans would have to select what was authentic and what was not. It is a game show hosted by John Henson and Jocelyn Delk Adams, two well-known names in the entertainment world. Ethan T. Berlin is the show’s creator.

We cover all you need to know about Stab That Cake! Episode 1 in this article, includes the release date, plot, schedule, stream guide, and more. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the forthcoming game show in December.

Stab That Cake! Episode 1 Release Date

The first episode of Stab That Cake! will air on December 30, 2022, at 9 pm ET on Food Network. It might be a farewell gift to 2022 or a new year’s gift for enthusiasts of bakeries. Think about your objectives.

Fans are eager to watch this game show because the episode will air in four days. Two people will host the reality game show. The game show will heavily involve the viewers/commoners in the show.

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Where to Watch Stab That Cake! Episode 1?

Stab That Cake! Episode 1 is an American reality game show that airs on a channel in the United States. If you live in America, you can view the episode on Cooking Channel or with any good VPN. Yes, you can watch this show with a VPN.

Because Cooking Channel is a collaboration of two other channels, Discovery and Nexstar Media, we should expect the show to be accessible for streaming there as well. We do not, however, have an official announcement for the same.

Who is Jocelyn Delk Adams? Meet the baker as she's set to host Stab That Cake!

Aside from this channel, we have received no information about the show’s release platform. As soon as the first episode airs, we’ll know where else we can watch the show.

Keep your spirits up, and remember to watch Cooking Channel on December 30th. We will update the stream guide for other nations as soon as the makers share the info.

Stab That Cake! Judges: Who Are They?

John Henson is the first judge on the programme. John is well-known in the hosting world because he previously hosted a programme called “talk soup” that debuted on an entertainment channel. He became well-known thanks to the highly regarded programme Talk Show.

Greg Kinnear’s placement in this programme. He became well-liked by the viewers due to his distinctive hosting style and wonderful sense of humour. For this show, he even received an award.


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John had previously performed in a Los Angeles comedy club, but the casting directors had never noticed him. Jocelyn Delk Adams serves as the second judge on this programme. She is well-known among us for having founded Grandbaby Cakes.

A food blog was started by Jocelyn. She acknowledges the contribution of her granny. She discusses traditional desserts, pastries, and current baking trends in these blogs. She is the ideal judge for this competition because of her amazing background and experience in cake and baking.

Stab That Cake! Episode 1 Trailer

There is no official trailer for Stab That Cake episode 1. Whenever there is any news about the trailer, we will update this post.

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