Snowfall Season 6, Episode 3 Ending Explained


Snowfall Season 6, Episode 3 Ending Explained: Are Leon and Wanda Getting Married?


This article contains spoilers for “Door of No Return” from Snowfall Season 6 Episode 3.

Since the sixth season of Snowfall has begun with episodes 1 and 2, it has become plainly evident that the Saint family is in disarray. In episode 3, the once-close-knit family is at one other’s throats, which leaves Leon (Isaiah John) perplexed upon his return to Los Angeles.

Snowfall Season 6 Episode 4 will resume on march 8, 2023.

Leon and Wanda Get Married in Ghana

The episode begins with Leon hunting for Wanda on the streets of Accra, Ghana (Gail Bean). When he locates the love of his life, she is shopping at the local market, and he seems happy than ever.

Leon glances up at a billboard with a quotation from Ghanaian president Jerry Rawlings: “The faults of the past must be remedied in order to restore the faith of our people in a safe future.”

Snowfall Season 6, Episode 3 Ending Explained: Leon and Wanda Get Married in Ghana

This statement weighs heavily on Leon’s mind as he considers returning to Los Angeles. Wanda is aware of this and argues that she has nothing to return to in the United States.

In Ghana, she feels “free” and recognized, unlike in the United States. Leon concurs with her admiration for the African country and pledges to explore remaining there.

Later, Leon and Wanda visit a historic castle where Africans were kept and sold as slaves. The former dealer realizes that some Africans participated in the sale and destruction of their own people, which he compares to his poisoning of his town with crack cocaine. This compels him to return to Los Angeles to attempt to solve the situation.

Wanda opposes returning once more. But, Leon is able to persuade her to accompany him by marrying her on a beach.

The fight Between Franklin, Louie, and Jerome has Begun

When Leon and Wanda return to Los Angeles, their first destination is the projects. When Einstein (Kamron Alexander) helps the newlyweds with their baggage, he gives them an update on Franklin (Damson Idris), Louie (Angela Lewis), and Jerome (Jeffrey Tambor) (Amin Joseph).

Leon can’t believe Franklin robbed his aunt and uncle, prompting his uncle to retaliate. Then Einstein argues that things only worsened thereafter.

Snowfall Season 6, Episode 3 Ending Explained: The fight Between Franklin, Louie, and Jerome has Begun

Jerome and Louie are involved in a drive-by gunshot as they exit a posh hotel, but they both manage to escape unharmed. In revenge, a group of armed men open fire on the real estate office of Franklin.

Franklin or Kane (DeVaughn Nixon), it is unclear who is responsible, returns the “favor” by shooting up Louie and Jerome’s club.

Speaking about Kane, Einstein reveals that a Kane associate assassinated Deon’s (Quincy Chad) relative in a barbershop. Deon retaliated by shooting some of Kane’s guys while they were having their cars cleaned.

This is followed by Franklin attempting to eliminate Deon as he was seated on a public restroom urinal (the plan was only foiled due to cops walking in the restroom).

All of this proves to be implausible to Leon and Wanda. She wonders why they returned to the city to deal with this disaster.

In Costa Rica, Teddy and Gustavo Make an Important Discovery

Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) continues to do business as usual while exchanging drugs and money with Louie. Unfortunately for Louie, she is unaware that his new employer, the DEA, is photographing them from afar. (Interestingly, when Gustavo meets with the DEA later in the show, KBG agent Ruben photographs the meeting.)

Snowfall Season 6, Episode 3 Ending Explained: Teddy and Gustavo Make an Important Discovery

Teddy (Carter Hudson) instructs the former wrestler that they must travel to Costa Rica to determine who has been compromising the gun shipments assisting the Contras. Gustavo is not enthusiastic about leaving the nation with Teddy, but he ends up on the aircraft.

Arriving in Costa Rica, Teddy, with Gustavo functioning as an interpreter, informs several local associates that their job is to ambush those destroying the gun shipments and get as much information as possible from them to determine who they are working for.

On the day of the attack, Teddy, Gustavo, and the rest of the team manage to eliminate every member of the opposing group, which first appears to be a failed operation because they did not obtain any intelligence.

Meanwhile, on the journey home, Teddy examines some of the objects removed from the deceased and discovers a screw with a concealed message.

He is unable to read the note, but he is confident that the Russians are responsible for the current problems with gun sales.

Season 6 Episode 4 of Snowfall continues to air on FX. Hulu makes episodes available for streaming the next day.

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