When Will the Award-winning Crime Drama Snowfall's New Season Air?


When Will the Award-winning Crime Drama Snowfall’s New Season Air?


Snowfall, an award-winning crime drama on FX, has been able to keep people watching for five seasons now. The show is set in Los Angeles in 1983 when the first crack epidemic is happening.

It follows the lives of several characters whose stories cross paths during this time. A few months ago, FX gave the show a sixth and final season, which got fans excited. A date for when the last season will be out have also been set. So, when will season 6 of Snowfall start? Find out by reading on.

Snowfall Season 6 Release Date

On Wednesday, February 22, 2023, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, FX will show the first episode of the sixth season of Snowfall. The season will start with a special two-episode premiere, and then new episodes will come out every week. The next day, you’ll be able to stream the episode on Hulu and Disney+.

How to Stream Snowfall Season 5 From Anywhere?

The season will have 10 episodes, just like the ones that came before it. In April 2022, when the fifth season was still airing, FX renewed the show for a sixth and final season.

When Will the Award-winning Crime Drama Snowfall's New Season Air?

When he told people about the news, the show’s star and producer Damson Idris said, “I’m so proud of the history we’ve all made.” “Especially how Snowfall has changed society.

Franklin Saint is the rare TV show that has made it to its sixth season, and it will be sad to end it. But the family and friends I’ve made on this trip will be with me for the rest of my life. Idris added, “I know John Singleton is looking down and smiling with pride.

Snowfall Season 6 Star Cast: Who Will Appear?

Damson Idris will keep playing Franklin Saint, Carter Hudson will keep playing Teddy McDonald, Sergio Peris-Mencheta will keep playing Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata, Michael Hyatt will keep playing Cissy Saint, Amin Joseph will keep playing Jerome Saint, Angela Lewis will keep playing Louanne Saint, Isaiah John will keep playing Leon Simmons, and Devyn A. Tyler will keep playing Veronique Turner.

Snowfall was made by Eric Amadio, Dave Andron, and John Singleton, who has since passed away. The show’s executive producers are Idris, Amadio, Trevor Engelson, Thomas Schlamme, Michael London, John LaBrucherie, Walter Mosley, and Julie DeJoie.

Snowfall Season 6 Plot: What to Expect?

Franklin told Kane that Louie tried to kill him, so Kane wants to get even. If the US Government doesn’t get to the main characters first, we can expect a sixth season full of backstabbing, betrayal, and bloodshed.

Leon, Franklin’s best friend and the former second-in-command of The Family, told Franklin that the US Government is cracking down on drugs more than ever. Since Snowfall takes place in the 1980s, Leon is probably talking about Ronald Reagan’s Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986. This law said that if you had five grams of crack cocaine, you would get the same punishment as if you had 500 grams of powder cocaine.

“I think we’ve always tried to keep this show a little bit funny. The show is about a very dark time in American history, so it’s clear that it’s about very serious things. We’ve tried to find some humor in that because there is a lot of humor in the world and it helps people get through their daily lives. He said, “I think the story has to end in tragedy for this last season, and I think this last season will feel a little heavier.”

“In the last two seasons, I think you can tell when we’re trying to lighten things up, and then in the last two episodes, things settle into a very clear tone. And I think that tone will be more present in the last season.”

Are you excited to see Snowfall’s last season? Tell us about it in the comments.

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