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Smiling Friends Season 2: Who is Desmond’s voice actor in series?

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The second season of Smiling Friends, starring Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel, will air on Adult Swim. The adult animated television program from Australia and the United States premiered in 2020 as a part of the April Fools’ Day content series. It gained popularity after gaining so much traction. A second season was ordered by the production firm! Even the creators didn’t anticipate it!

Jump with us as we tell you everything we know about this production, where to watch it, the voice cast, and much more; let’s get this show on the road without further ado! The hilarious, stoner-aesthetic cartoon sophomore season will premiere this week.

1st Season of Smiling Friends recap

A princess from the surrounding Enchanted Forest calls the Smiling Friends when she needs help smiling for a photograph. Pim and Charlie concur, but a forest creature by the name of Mip draws their attention away. Despite initially having no interest in Charlie’s numerous adventures, Pim accidentally murders Mip during a jealous struggle.

Smiling Friends Season 2 (1)

The princess reveals that Mip was actually her stalker and that the box is a bomb, which she tosses out the window to save it from detonating and killing them all. He and Charlie then steal the box that Mip intended to give the princess in his memory out of guilt.

The princess, on the other hand, is overjoyed to learn of Mip’s passing. In a post-credits sequence, Charlie is back at work when he has an allergic reaction to a “potion” Mip had suggested him take while on a quest that was advertised as a headache treatment.

Possible Storylines for Season 2 of Smiling Friends

In the first season, we follow Charlie Pim and Charlie Pim as they work to satisfy their customers and solve their issues. Mr. Frog, Enchantress, and Ketchup Packet are the clients. Together with Smormu and others, they create the fifth Smiley Friend. As was made known after the first season, Charlie was murdered when the tree fell on him. He tries to help Satan after being expelled to hell.

Smiling Friends Season 2

In the event that Smiling Friends makes a second season, we might find out what happens to Charlie. We might also learn more about Boss and Smiling Friends Inc.’s strategies for conflict. There will be plenty of satire, embarrassing yet humorous moments, and satire relating to current events.

For instance, they talk about issues like mental health and the culture of cancellation in the first season. It will be interesting to see how the characters help one another. This inspires and creates positive energy. This is the reason why audiences adore the show. They are eagerly anticipating Smiling Friends season 2!

Voice Over

Among the major cast members who are reprising their roles is Michael Cusack, who voices Pim, Alan, Pim’s Sister, Pim’s Dad, Pim’s Mother, Mr. Frog, Grim, Ketchup Packet, and The Witch.

Smiling Friends Season 2 (2)

Smormu, the parent who was attending the audition, Chris O’Neill, and The Boss, Marc M. Along with playing Party Bro and the Forest Demon this time around, Erica Lindbeck continues to portray Assistant Mustard Packet, among many other characters. David Dore also appears as Party Bro.

What websites offer Smiling Friends?

Get Adult Swim if you want to watch Smiling Friends. With your cable subscription, you can get it. You may also watch it online if you’d like to use the Adult Swim app, website, or Hulu.

Release Date for Smiling Friends Season 2

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, at 00:00 U.S. Eastern Time, Adult Swim will premiere Smiling Friends. “The Smiling Friends Go To Brazil” is the name of the upcoming episode. We have now finished covering the second season of Smiling Friends on Otakukart. Enjoy your stream, and I’ll see you soon!


Will there be a second episode of Smiling Friends?

Because of their incredible performances as the characters they depict, the original voice cast, who played the main character in the first season, will return for Smiling Friends season 2 to repeat their roles. The actor who plays Pim, Alan, Pim’s sister, Pim’s father, Pim’s mother, and Mr.

Where can I watch Season 2 of Smiling Friends?

The second season of Smiling Friends is currently streaming on HBO Max and Adult Swim.

How did Smiling Friends fare?

Second seasons have been granted to two Adult Swim originals! Two popular series on Adult Swim have been given second seasons. Orders for fresh seasons of the animated comedies Birdgirl and Smiling Friends have been placed for the following season.

Who slaughtered the friendly, salty people?

Mustard Mustard attempted to suffocate Salty by smothering him with a pillow. Salty and Mustard were having an affair, and Mustard decided that “killing” him would be easier than hurting Salty’s heart.

This was the justification for attacking Salty.

Who is Desmond’s voice actor in Smiling Friends?

Mike Stoklasa

Is OneyPlays the developer of Smiling Friends?

Smiling Friends, an animated series on Adult Swim, was co-created by him and Michael Cusack. In addition, he is well recognized for his web animations and for co-hosting the Let’s Play web series OneyPlays.

Where did Psychicpebbles go?

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