Shantaram release date


Shantaram Release Date: Is Shantaram a True Story?

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Shantaram is a new drama series for Apple TV+ based on the internationally best-selling novel by Gregory David Roberts and heavily influenced by the author’s personal experiences.

It stars Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) as Lin Ford, a former heroin addict and jail fugitive who attempts to evade authorities and problems by getting lost in the vibrant 1980s Bombay. In this 12-part series, Lin’s life becomes more complicated when he falls in love with Karla (Atonia Desplat).

Shantaram Release Date

The series will be available worldwide on Apple TV Plus on Friday, October 14, at 12 a.m. Pacific Time.

Shantaram release date

The streaming service will release three episodes upon launch, followed by one episode per week.

How Can One View Shantaram Online?

Shantaram will be accessible to users who subscribe to Apple TV Plus. Apple TV Plus has a $4.99 monthly subscription fee.

Shantaram Plot

Shantaram is set in the 1980s and follows Lin Ford (Charlie Hunnam), a desperate fugitive and heroin addict who has escaped from an Australian prison for theft. On the crowded streets of Bombay (now Mumbai), he disguises himself as a physician in an effort to start a new life and avoid prosecution.

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Lin finds it difficult to leave his past behind in India, as he becomes quickly involved with local gangsters and the war against Russian forces entering Afghanistan. But his life becomes even more complicated when he falls in love with a strange woman named Karla (Antonia Desplat). Will he give up his independence to be with her?

“Charlie Hunnam paid me a visit,” says the author of Shantaram, Graham David Roberts. “He is a phenomenal actor and a deeply spiritual pilgrim on the path. A remarkable group is responsible for bringing the pages to life. It promises to be an exciting new experience for those who have read Shantaram and a pretty wild journey for those who have not.”

Details About Shantaram

In Shantaram, Antonia Desplat portrays Lin’s love interest, the enigmatic Karla. Luke Pasqualino (Our Girl, The Musketeers, Shadow, and Bone), Alexander Siddig (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and Shubham Saraf (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) are three actors to watch out for (Bodyguard, A Suitable Boy).

Shantaram Cast

Here’s the principal cast:

  • Antonia Desplat as Karla Saaranen
  • Elektra Kilbey as Lisa Carter
  • Charlie Hunnam portrays Lin
  • Alexander Siddig as Khader Khan
  • Sujaya Dasgupta as Kavita Singh
  • David Field in the role of Wally Nightingale
  • Fayssal Bazzi as Abdullah Taheri
  • Rafiq Elham Ehsas as Sebastian Modena as Rahel Romahn.
  • Rachel Kamath portraying Parvati
  • Mel Odedra as Walid Shah.

Shantaram release date

  • Gabrielle Scharnitzky as Madame Zhou
  • Nishant Patel as Padma Arka Das as Monica Kumar
  • Vincent Perez as Didier
  • Suraj Kolarkar as Johnny Cigar.

The Production Team

Here is the group behind everything:

  • Iain B. MacDonald, Bharat Nalluri, and Bronwen Hughes are the directors.
  • Steve Lightfoot, Eric Warren Singer, Ken Kristensen, Bruce Marshall Romans, Eric Binswanger, Bornila Chatterjee, Marion Dayre, Ben Dubash,
  • Shaun Gray, David Manson, and Marisha Mukerjee contributed to this work.
  • Steve Lightfoot, Bharat Nalluri, Dave Erickson, Steve Golin, Richard Sharkey, Eric Warren Singer, David Manson, Justin Kurzel, Andrea
  • Barron and Nicole Clemens served as the film’s executive producers.
  • Ed Cathell III, Marion Dayre, and Ben Dumas are the producers.
  • Supervising producer: Ken Kristensen
  • Bruce Marshall Romans, Brett C. Leonard, Iain B. MacDonald, and Niall Delaney are co-executive producers.
  • Line producer: Charles Salmon.

Exists a Movie Trailer?

Indeed, there is! Examine it below:

Is Shantaram A True Story?

Gregory David Roberts was serving a 19-year sentence in Australia for robbery when he escaped and fled to India, where he was apprehended after a decade in hiding.

When questioned about the veracity of Shantaram and the subsequent novel The Mountain Shadow

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