See season 3 Episode 2 Review and Ending Explained!


See season 3 Episode 2 Review and Ending Explained: Watch Out for Wolves!


This is a summary of the Apple TV+ series. There are spoilers in season 3, episode 2, “Watch Out for Wolves.

Last week, a spiteful commander introduced his latest innovation to the battlefield, bringing See back with a bang. Baba Voss was eventually discovered hidden in the woods, and the evil Sibeth gave birth to her incestuous progeny, a newborn boy. The Trivantians try to negotiate a peace deal with Queen Maghra in episode two, “Watch Out for Wolves,” and Baba’s eventual return causes even more mayhem.

See Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

The episode begins with Baba still suffering from the devastating explosion that took the life of the unfortunate Bow Lion in the premiere’s final moment. When Ranger and Lu arrive to help him, he is horrified to learn of Lion’s death. Baba hates himself for the incident and is concerned about the implications of this new, wicked weaponry. Ranger and Baba debate the advances in contemporary warfare, and the exiled leader admits that he must go warn Maghra about the impending attack.

Maghra, on the other hand, is struggling with her own hardships and tribulations. She has imprisoned the witch hunters who burned to death an innocent, sighted man. Tamacti Jun tells the Queen to assassinate these traitors and then deal with her own sister. Everyone wants Sibeth dead for the murders she has perpetrated, but Maghra is finding it difficult to let her demented sibling suffer.

Tamacti Jun tells the rest of Lucien’s people to put an end to the witch trials, but their army is expanding, and I don’t think they’ll listen to this nonsense.

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Harlan makes an attempt to sweeten the deal with Ambassador Trovere. The pair sleeps together and then negotiates a settlement after their lovemaking is completed while remaining in bed. Harlan offers to provide free coal to the Trivantians, but Trovere adds that they will need fresh amounts every day that Maghra waits. Trovere wants to take Sibeth back with her as a negotiating chip, but Maghra is unsure.

Sibeth makes Maghra’s difficult decision more simpler. The lady can’t help but be nasty to the new queen, claiming that she would have done the right thing a long time ago, even if it meant sacrificing her own sister. Sibeth is only hushed when Maghra acknowledges that the adversary wants the dethroned queen alive, which may mean years of agony for her.

Wren tiptoes around the facility and discovers Oloman locked up by Tormada’s guys. She inquires about these ‘fire’ weapons, which he reveals are ancient technology known as bombs. Oloman was obliged to develop these lethal weapons, and he has already produced hundreds of bombs for Tormada’s fight.

They were holding Oloman’s family hostage, so he had no option but to cooperate. Wren agrees to release him, and the two flee. The sighted pair are assaulted, however, and Oloman is severely hurt. Wren leaves alone, intending to alert the rest of the world of Tormada’s ambitions.

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Kofun ultimately gives in to his desires and meets Sibeth and his newborn baby. Wolffe is the name given to the son. Kofun holds his kid for the first time, but quickly finds he is blind. Kofun rushes away, and Maghra removes the infant from Sibeth as retaliation for her cruel comments. The Queen has had enough of Sibeth and her cunning. She agrees to the treaty’s provisions and enables Trovere to kidnap Sibeth in exchange.

The Ending Explained

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That night, Baba waits for Maghra in her bedroom. She is angry and harsh against Baba at first, but her perplexity turns to tears and they hug. The separated couple is experiencing a range of emotions. Maghra has been abandoned, yet she requires a friend. Baba informs her of Tormada’s ambitions and his new fire and thunder weapon.

Maghra speaks of peace, concerned that Baba was misguided or misinformed. Baba claims she has been lied to and duped. He searches for the Ambassador in stealth, eventually discovering her in Harlan’s bed (of course). Baba is suddenly encircled by her troops when she blows her warning whistle. He makes a heroic attempt, but he is easily apprehended.

Maghra is enraged because the hot-headed thug opted to go, despite her appeals. His rash action might potentially derail all of their peace discussions. The pair talks again in private. Baba inquires about the infant and is shocked to learn about Kofun and Sibeth’s unlawful relationship. He inquires about Paris’ location and shouts in an uncontrollable rage at the news of her death. Baba rushes after Sibeth, the perpetrator, seeking vengeance, but the madman is nowhere to be found. Has she fled or has she been apprehended?

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