Red Notice 2 Release Date


Red Notice 2 Release Date: When It Would Be Available on Netflix?

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Fans of action-packed heist films have been eagerly awaiting news about the release date of “Red Notice 2,” the much-anticipated sequel to the 2021 hit movie “Red Notice.” Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, Red Notice is a 2021 American action comedy film.

Starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, the first installment was a global success, leaving audiences craving more of the witty banter, high-stakes heists, and unexpected twists that defined the original.

The plot revolves around an FBI agent who reluctantly teams up with a well-known art thief to arrest an even more infamous thief. Fans gave the film high marks. We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering if there will be a Red Notice 2.

As rumors and speculations circulate, fans are eager to know when they can expect the thrilling sequel to hit the screens.

Is There a Release Date for Red Notice 2?

Red Notice 2 is scheduled to be released in mid-to-late 2025. The creators of Red Notice Chapter One delighted fans in January 2022 when they revealed plans for two back-to-back sequels.

Red Notice 2 Release Date

The first installment of Red Notice earned great reviews from fans, garnering a commendable rating of 6.3/10 on IMDb and an enticing 92% average audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Although the script for Red Notice 2 is complete, production has yet to begin. Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot are among the excited cast members and directors who are anxious to return to their roles.

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While these three actors have been confirmed for the sequel, the rest of the cast has yet to be revealed.

Who will be in the Cast of Red Notice 2?

The characters in Red Notice are brought to life by a stunning ensemble cast of outstanding talents. Dwayne Johnson portrays John Hartley, Ryan Reynolds portrays Nolan Booth, Gal Gadot portrays Sarah Black / The Bishop, Chris Diamantopoulos portrays Sotto Voce, Ritu Arya portrays Inspector Urvashi Das, Ivan Mbakop portrays Tambwe, Vincenzo Amato portrays Director Gallo, Rafael Petardi portrays Security Chief Ricci, and Brenna Marie Narayan portrays Cleopatra.

What will happen in Red Notice 2?

The biggest twist in Red Notice (and there are several) is that Hartley has been working with The Bishop the entire time. They’re both The Bishop and have been duping Booth.

They wanted Booth to tell them where Cleopatra’s missing egg was to sell the three of them for $300 million to an Egyptian tycoon. They then double-cross the billionaire and have him detained by Interpol.

Red Notice 2 Release Date

Six months later, Hartley and The Bishop are relaxing on a yacht in Sardinia when Booth arrives. He informed Interpol about their secret bank account, which was later frozen, resulting in the loss of $300 million.

Booth, on the other hand, has an offer of a fresh “three-thief job” that they must take because Booth also revealed the location of their yacht to Interpol.

The new position is “double the pay, triple the challenge,” and the final scenes of Red Notice show the trio outside Paris’s Louvre Museum. Are they only interested in the Mona Lisa, or do they have greater plans?

A more pressing concern is whether they can truly trust one another. “Can or cannot they?” As a writer-director, I can’t stop thinking about what I want to do next. Thurber told GamesRadar, “I love these characters, I love this world, and I love this tone.”

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“I have an idea of what’s in store for them, but I think three thieves working together can be tricky.” Never put your confidence in anyone!”

While we doubt that this theft will be the focus of the sequel, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Red Notice 2 start-up where the first left off. All we can say is that it won’t be easy, and there will be plenty of double-crosses.

Is there any Trailer for Red Notice 2?

It should come as no surprise that there is no trailer for Red Notice 2 yet, as filming has not yet begun. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for season 1 below:


While the exact release date for “Red Notice 2” remains unconfirmed, the excitement surrounding the sequel is palpable. Fans can rest assured that the star-studded cast and production team are working diligently to deliver a film that will live up to, if not surpass, the expectations set by the original. As the wait continues, fans can stay tuned for official announcements and updates from the cast and crew, eagerly counting down the days until the highly anticipated sequel graces their screens.

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