Queer Eye Season 7 Confirmed Through Twitter


Queer Eye Season 7 Confirmed Through Twitter: Does Season 7 Have a Confirmed Release Date?


One of our favorite Netflix shows is Queer Eye, and the most recent episode was great. Season 6 had nothing but good times, great life lessons, and our Fab Five doing the do-si-do in good ol’ Texas.

But now that it’s been out for more than a year, everyone is watching the reality show. Everyone wants to know when season 7 of Queer Eye will be out.

Fans want more new seasons of this show because it makes them feel good. Below, we tell you everything we know so far about Queer Eye season 7, so you can stay up-to-date on the future of this great show.

Queer Eye Season 7 Confirmed Through Twitter

In May 2022, it was confirmed that there would be a seventh season of Queer Eye.

Queer Eye Season 7 Confirmed Through Twitter

Netflix posted a funny video of the Fab Five traveling across the country on Twitter to let people know that the seventh season was coming up and that they were looking for people who wanted to make betters to join the cast. As expected, fans were happy to hear that the show would continue.

Queer Eye Season 7 Cast: Who Will Come Back in Cast for Season 7?

You can bet that your favorite Fab Five—Bobby Berk, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, and Antoni Porowski—will be back for season 5 to not only say funny things but also give people all over the world great new looks.

Queer Eye season 7 Filming Location

Each season gives us not only new people to vote for, but also new places to fall in love with. Netflix has said that in season 7, the Fab Five will go to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Queer Eye season 7 Filming Location

And even though there will be bright colors and warm weather, there will also be sad times and tears. Tan told E! News in November 2022 that this season was the “hardest” one he had ever worked on, and that the upcoming episodes made him cry the most he had ever cried on the show.

But why are people crying? Well, since season 7 of Queer Eye is set in New Orleans, the terrible Hurricane Katrina plays a role.

“I didn’t live in America when Katrina happened,” Tan said. “Seeing the devastation, seeing what it did to families, seeing how much poverty it created, that’s what got me. Some of our heroes have just never been able to recover. And so that’s why the transformations were so special, because it’s as if many of them have stood still in time.”

Queer Eye Season 7 Filming Updates

In June 2022, the seventh season of Queer Eye started filming in New Orleans. The official Queer Eye Twitter account posted two cute photos of the Fab Five and said, “The Fab 5 just got to The Big Easy and are already dripping in Mardi Gras beads.”

Queer Eye Season 7 Filming Updates

About two months later, Antoni posted a photo of himself, Tan, and Jonathan on Instagram. This showed that the crew was likely still filming at this time.

Even though it hasn’t been confirmed, we can probably assume that filming is done since it’s now March 2023.

Does Queer Eye Season 7 Have a Confirmed Release Date?

As of this writing, there is no date set for when Queer Eye season 7 will come out. Still, we hope to hear soon when we can expect the new season to come out since Netflix hasn’t said anything about it in a while. We hope that season 7 will come out sometime in 2023, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Where to Watch Queer Eye All Season?

You can catch all six seasons on Netflix. But you have Netflix Premium to watch all seasons.

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