Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Has the Movie Been Confirmed, Or It has been Cancelled?

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The upcoming film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is titled Pirates of the Caribbean 6, and it is now mired in the production hell that the franchise is known for.

The story of the film follows the exploits of Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann, and it is based on both the theme park created by Walt Disney and the historical fiction novel written by Tim Powers in 1987 and titled the same.

Jerry Bruckheimer, working in conjunction with Walt Disney Pictures and JBF productions for Disney, has been the executive producer of the fantasy swashbuckler film series.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Has the Movie Been Confirmed, Or It has been Cancelled?

In 2018, Disney did indeed make the decision to officially announce the production of Pirates of the Caribbean 6. It has been revealed that the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise will continue with a sixth chapter.

And last, after many months of silence, producer Jerry has broken the word that some old favorites will be making an appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, along with a large number of brand new characters.

Alongside Craig Mazin, who wrote HBO’s miniseries Chernobyl, Ted Elliott has once again been tasked with writing the screenplay for episodes 1-4 and 6.

In addition, the producer has divulged that they are now working on two different scripts for the project. Only one of those scripts needs Margot Robbie to be successful; the other one can function just fine without her.

It is highly likely that the screenplay that features the actress will be incorporated into the first movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Will Johny Depp Return?

It pains me to say this, but Johnny Depp will not reprise his role as the rakish buccaneer Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Some other actor will be cast in the different roles, but who might possibly take Johnny Depp’s place in the role of Captain?

Nobody else comes to mind. It would be the equivalent of building a car without an engine if they were to develop a new POTW without Johnny Depp. Fans are ecstatic to learn that production on a new Pirates of the Caribbean film has finally begun, but they are going absolutely bonkers over the fact that Johnny Depp will not be starring in the picture.

The petition on Change.org to bring Depp back has received over 877 thousand signatures as of this writing and is still active. Although the Hollywood celebrity said that he was feeling cheated from the position that he had labored so hard to achieve, the producer did not immediately rule out the possibility that the actor would play a role in the film at that moment.

During the defamation trial that he was involved in with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp revealed that he wanted to give a proper farewell to the legendary character but that things didn’t work out that way. He also stated that he would not work with Disney again even if they offered him $300 Million at this time.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Release Date

Even though it’s been four years after Disney made the official announcement that the film rights will be renewed, we still don’t have a lot of information about the film that’s going to be released.

The first film in the series, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, was released in 2003. The second film in the series, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, was released in 2006. The third film in the series, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, was released in 2007. The fourth film in the series, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, was released in 2011. The fifth film in the series, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell

The original network has not provided any information regarding the release date of Pirates of the Caribbean 6, but we may anticipate that it will be released sometime around 2024 since the movie is scheduled to begin production in September of 2022.

The release of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 could potentially be delayed, but the good news is that production on the next movie has already begun, much like the third season of Emily in Paris on Netflix.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Cast

The vast majority of the cast members are anticipated to appear in Episode 6 of POTC:

  • Margot Robbie
  • Geoffrey Rush
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Orlando Bloom

Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Keira Knightley’s Role in the Film

However, the much-loved character of Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, will not be appearing. In the realm of heroics, Jack is among the most well-liked characters, right up there with Tony Stark. As we got older, Captain Jack served as a source of motivation for all of us regarding how to triumph over challenging circumstances.

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Even if the man is surrounded by foes who are unaware of his presence, he is constantly full of vitality. Although the man’s compass points in the incorrect direction, his heart is always in the right place.

It will be very upsetting to watch the movie without our sly Captain Jack, and some viewers would rather not watch any new movie at all if it doesn’t star our cherished captain. Fans have been increasingly outraged about bringing Johnny back, and at this point, the decision is in his hands.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Plot

Instead of picking up where the fifth film left off with Jack’s trip following the events of Dead Men Tell No Tales, the sixth installment will take place in an entirely other chronology. In the future film, “Now You See Me 3,” there will be no appearance by Jack, so instead, a large number of new people who will each tell a distinct story about the four horsemen will be featured.

It has been five years since the ship has been in motion, yet there are still threads that are suspended in the air. Now is the greatest time to uncover the secrets that lie within the water. Because the same screenplay and producer are involved, we can anticipate an exceptional narrative from their collaboration.

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The showrunners have established themselves as industry experts through the previous five films, the first of which was released twenty years ago. It is possible that the sixth installment of the POTC franchise will be launched on the 20th anniversary of the series.

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