Perry Mason Season 2 Cast and Recurring Characters


Perry Mason Season 2 Cast and Recurring Characters


The second season of Perry Mason begins on HBO on March 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The highly anticipated continuation of the protagonist’s journey was officially renewed for a second season in 2020, which was a long time coming.

When will the series resume the story? As it has been months after the conclusion of the Dodson case, a time leap is appropriate.

One unfortunate individual has died…brutally. They are a scion of a prominent oil family, which almost certainly implies they will be out for blood.

The district attorney’s investigation will lead him to the city’s Hooverville slums, where the most apparent suspects dwell. But Perry, Della, and Paul will soon discover that this case is far from closed.

When they find themselves in the center of it, they will realize that this murder is riddled with plots. It will compel them to confront the genuine definition of what it means to be guilty.

Interested in the new season? Here is the cast list!

Perry Mason Season 2 Cast

  • Matthew Rhys as Perry Mason
  • Juliet Rylance as Della Street
  • Chris Chalk as Paul Drake
  • Diarra Kilpatrick as Clara Drake
  • Eric Lange as Detective Holcomb
  • Justin Kirk as Hamilton Burger
  • Katherine Waterston as Ginny Aimes
  • Hope Davis as Camilla Nygaard
  • Fabrizio Guido as Rafael Gallardo
  • Peter Mendoza as Mateo Gallardo
  • Mark O’Brien as Thomas Milligan
  • Paul Raci as Lydell McCutcheon
  • Jen Tullock as Anita St. Pierre
  • Jon Chaffin as Morris
  • Onahoua Rodriguez as Luisa Gallardo
  • Jee Young Han as Marion Kang
  • Sean Astin as Sunny Gryce
  • Tommy Dewey as Brooks McCutcheon
  • Shea Whigham as Pete Strickland
  • Wallace Langham as Melville Phipps

Matthew Rhys As Perry Mason

Perry Mason, played by Matthew Rhys, is a private detective and former soldier living in Los Angeles during the Great Depression. Matthew Rhys is the richest cast in this series.

Perry Mason Season 2 Cast and Recurring Characters

He is a skilled investigator with a quick intellect and excellent observation skills who is motivated to unearth the truth behind the cases he undertakes, even if it puts his life in jeopardy.

He has a strong sense of justice and is unafraid to criticize authority figures when he believes they are in error. Mason is shown as a complex and flawed character whose World War I experiences and failed marriage make him a troubled and flawed individual.

Juliet Rylance As Della Street

Juliet Rylance played by E.B. Jonathan’s assistant and legal secretary, Della Street. Mason receives important assistance from her throughout his investigations.

Perry Mason Season 2 Cast and Recurring Characters

Della is shown as a very skilled and organized individual who assists Mason in maintaining order in his chaotic existence. Della demonstrates unwavering devotion to Mason, even in the face of danger and tragedy.

She is always prepared to assist him in any way she can, whether it involves gathering evidence, pursuing leads, or even providing moral support. She also demonstrates intelligence and wit, which she uses to aid Mason in solving murders.

Chris Chalk As Paul Drake

Perry Mason Season 2 Cast and Recurring Characters

Paul Drake, played by Chris Chalk, is a beat officer with a talent for detective work. Being a sharp and street-smart detective, he is usually able to collect crucial evidence that assists in solving crimes.

Drake is shown as having a lively disposition and a good sense of humor, which contrasts with Mason’s more serious manner and lends a feeling of fun, warmth, and adventure to the program. For the course of the series, Paul must negotiate a racially insensitive city and an oppressive police force.

Katherine Waterston As Ginny Aimes

Perry Mason Season 2 Cast and Recurring Characters

Katherine Waterston played Ginny Aimes, an optimistic schoolteacher who works at the same school as Perry’s kid attends. Among the despair of the Great Depression, her presence infuses a glimmer of hope into their lives.

Others Recurring Characters

In Season 2, Shea Whigham (Joker), who once portrayed season regular Pete Strickland, will have just a recurring role. Pete is a private detective with whom Mason collaborates on many instances.

Strickland is shown as a tenacious and resourceful detective who will go to considerable measures to seek the truth. Despite their dissimilar personalities and approaches to their profession, the two men share a solid relationship built on mutual appreciation and respect.

This season will also introduce several new recurring characters, with Hope Davis (Captain America: Civil War) as business leader Camille Nygaard; Jon Chaffin (The Haves and the Have Nots) as Paul’s brother-in-law Morris; Fabrizio Guido (Mr. Iglesias) as troubled artist Rafael Gallardo; Peter Mendoza (Dead Bullet) as Rafael’s brother Mateo; Onahoua Rodriguez (Veronica Mars) as Rafael and Mateo’s aunt Luis Gallardo; Jee Young Han (Santa Clarita Diet) as Perry’s new legal secretary Marion Kang; Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) as grocery store owner Sunny Gryce; Tommy Dewey (Casual) as wealthy LA elite Brooks McCutcheon; Paul Raci (Sound of Metal) as Brooks’ father Lydell; Jen Tullock (Severance) as successful screenwriter Anita St. Pierre; Mark O’Brien (Ready or Not) as a highly motivated Deputy District Attorney, and last but not least, Wallace Langham (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) as attorney Melville Phipps. ( Source: Collider )

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