Paradise City Season 2 Release Date


Paradise City Season 2 Release Date: When Will the Paradise City Season 2 Trailer Be Released?

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Paradise City is a musical drama television series written by award-winning author Ash Avildsen, who also penned “American Satan,” the precursor to the series. The musical drama series streaming on Amazon is a continuation of American Satan, which was launched five years ago (2017).

American Satan was about a band of teenage rock musicians who drop out of college to pursue their dreams in Los Angeles, and Paradise City continues the band’s journey by introducing them to a mysterious young man who may alter their lives forever. Much to the delight of fans, Johnny Faust and Relentless will reprise their roles in the second season.

Recently, the official page for Paradise City revealed a photo of Johny and Mayflower staring at one other, which can only imply one thing: there will be a second season. Are you unsure if it is worth your time? The series’ 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes is all the reason you need to binge-watch it.

Quick Facts of Paradise City Season 2

Name of the Show Paradise City
Season Number Season 2
Genre Musical Drama
Paradise City Season 1 Release Date 25 March 2021
Paradise City Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet

Release Date of Paradise City Season 2

The new season will have the same number of episodes: 8. They will be available on Prime as soon as they come out. The first episode starts on March 23, 2023.

Paradise City Season 2 Release Date

New episodes of TV shows will come out on Thursdays. This table gives a more detailed schedule:

Episode Number Episode Title Amazon Release Date
2X01 Episode 1 March 23, 2023
2X02 Episode 2 March 23, 2023
2X03 Episode 3 March 23, 2023
2X04 Episode 4 March 23, 2023
2X05 Episode 5 March 23, 2023
2X06 Episode 6 March 23, 2023
2X07 Episode 7 March 23, 2023
2X08 Episode 8 March 23, 2023

The Cast of Paradise City Season 2

  • Bella Thorne, who is well-known for her role in the ‘Blended’ series, and
  • Andy Biersack, the main vocalist of the Black Vel Brides, is among the series’ prestigious cast members. It is anticipated that every cast member from the first season will repeat their roles in the second season.
  • Andy will reprise his role as Johny Faust,
  • while Bella will portray Lily Mayflower.
  • Ben Bruce (Leo Donavan),
  • James Cassells (Dylan), and
  • Booboo Stewart (Julie And The Phantoms) as Vic will likely return as the Relentless band.
  • Cameron Boyce, Olivia Culpo, Rhys Coiro, Fairuza Balk, and Drea de Matto round out the cast.

What Will Transpire in Paradise City Season 2?

Paradise city chronicles the unfinished tale begun by American Satan. The members of a young band who have left college to pursue their goals are from both the United States and England.

Paradise City Season 2 Release Date

The endless journey then reaches Sunset, when Paradise City begins. The plot of Paradise City is about a teenage rock star who looks to have everything he desires and his encounter with a newcomer. The child idolizes him, and as their music careers flourish, their damaged households eventually clash.

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When Will the Paradise City Season 2 Trailer Be Released?

The second season’s trailer has not yet been released. However, you can view the season one trailer in the interim. The two-minute trailer for this series features The Relentless on Stage, Bella’s Sentiments, and an adorable infant.

It also depicts the strained parent-child connection, which is a prominent theme of the series. Using Faust as an illustration, the trailer also illuminates how fame can blind a person.


Is the Show Paradise City Over?

No, Paradise City is still going on.

Does Netflix Have Paradise City?

We don’t keep track of when Netflix shows to come out. If you want to know if Paradise City is on Netflix, you can go to the Netflix schedule.

How Many Seasons Are There in Paradise City?

As of October 2022, there has been one season of Paradise City.

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