Pantheon Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Where to Watch!


Pantheon Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Where to Watch!

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Pantheon is an American animated drama television series created by Craig Silverstein. The series is based on Ken Liu’s short story collection The Apocalypse Triptych.

The series launched on AMC+ on September 1, 2022. Chris Prynoski, Shannon Prynoski, Antonio Canobbio, Ben Kalina, Juno Lee, and Craig Silverstein serve as executive producers for the series. By August 2022, a second season was in the works.

So, when will the second season be released? What exactly is the plot? Who will play the roles? Continue reading to learn more.

Pantheon Season 2 Release Date

Pantheon Season 2 is planned to premiere on AMC+ in the United States in 2023, but the UK release date has yet to be confirmed.

The series may include eight episodes, similar to the first season, though an official announcement has yet to be made.

Pantheon Season 2 Story

What kind of tale will we see if there is a second season? I’m sure you’re not the only one who has this question. We can speculate that the tale will be linked to the first season, that the first season will conclude with an intriguing twist and cliffhanger that will entice viewers to eagerly await the second season, or that the season will begin at the end of the first season. What types of assumptions are you making?

Pantheon Season 2 Plot and Cast

The most suspenseful and exciting technology-based drama on television is AMC+’s animated series. Pantheon is a cyberpunk mystery that is rich in intellectual, wise, and emotional depth. Furthermore, it is pretty entertaining.

Based on Ken Liu’s award-winning novel The Hidden Girl and Other Stories, this is an appropriate continuation of the linked stories.

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The chapters of the book span millennia, during which humanity grappled with the consequences of the digital era and the meaning of existing in the present. The book is broad and based on emotional philosophy. Pantheon’s vibe is similar to that of the original. That is how a change should appear.

This sci-fi animated series is based on a short story written by award-winning novelist Ken Liu about a tormented adolescent (Katie Chang) who gets internet help from an unknown person.

Pantheon - Rotten Tomatoes

The visitor is revealed to be David (Daniel Dae Kim), the recently deceased father, whose mind was transferred to the Cloud following a terrible brain scan and an experiment. David is the first of a completely new species known as a “Downloaded Intelligence,” or “UI.” He will not, however, be the last, as a massive conspiracy is emerging that might launch a new world war.

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The series’ voice cast includes Maude Apatow, Paul Dano, William Hurt, Taylor Schilling, Lara Pulver, Aaron Eckhart, Corey Stoll, Scoot McNairy, Rosemarie DeWitt, Daniel Dae Kim, Chris Diamantopoulos, Ron Livingston, Katie Chang, Raza Jaffrey, Samuel Roukin, Kevin Durand, Anika Noni Rose, Grey Griffin, Sungwon Cho, Julian Lerner, Blaze Freeman, Laura Me.

Pantheon Season 2 Trailer

The Pantheon Season 2 trailer has yet to be released. You may see the first season trailer below:

Pantheon Season 1 Recap

The story is really interesting; it portrays the life of a little girl who has been bullied a lot, but she suddenly receives messages from a strange person who attempts to help her.

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It is soon discovered that the unknown person is none other than her father, who has previously died, so how can he help her? In the first season, it is also revealed that his father is not an ordinary person; he is a victim of an experimental brain scan, among other things.

Where to Watch Pantheon Season 2 Online?

You can watch Pantheon on HIDIVE, and if there is a second season, it will most likely also be on HIDIVE.

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