One Hundred Won Butler: Plot, Cast, When Will the First Episode of the One Hundred Won Butler Premiere?

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The premiere date for One Hundred Won Butler episode 1 has been announced, and fans cannot wait to see their favorite Korean actress, HyeRi, return to the small screen. HyeRi was recently seen in “My Roommate is a Gumiho,” a romantic comedy-drama, and was hailed for her comedic timing and, of course, her chemistry with Jang Ki.

Her claim to fame, however, was “Reply 1988,” which established her as one of the best television actors of our generation. Three genres will be explored in the drama: romance, supernatural, and fantasy. Supposedly, Sim SoYeon, SunYoung, and SoYeon will direct this forthcoming spooky drama.

The drama is written by the critically regarded author Lee SeonHye, as stated by the drama’s staff. The drama will supposedly have a total of sixteen episodes. Butler Kim (Kim JipSa), a man who performs jobs for 100 won or less, and Baek DongJu, a funeral director who follows out the deceased’s final desires, will be the focus of the show.

With the assistance of Kim JipSa, she fulfills the last intentions of the departed. Before we reveal the One Hundred Won Butler episode 1 release date and how to watch One Hundred Won Butler episode 1, here is a quick summary of the show’s plot.

What is the Plot of One Hundred Won Butler?

The supernatural romance Korean drama “One Hundred Won Butler” intends to chronicle the story of Baek Dong-Ju, a funeral director. HyeRi, who devotes her entire existence to her work, will portray the part. The twist is that she possesses exceptional skills.

This gift will grant her the ability to see and communicate with the dead and souls. The deceased will ask Baek Dong-Ju to grant their final wish as well as any unfulfilled wishes. If Baek Dong-Ju declines their requests, she will have nothing but bad luck throughout the day.

This motivates her to hear their desires and fulfill them with the support of Kim Jib Sa. Kim Jib-Sa will be portrayed by Lee Jun-Young. Kim Jib-Sa is employed by his uncle Vincent’s errand-running company, “Ildangbaek,” with Lee Gyu-Han reportedly assuming the part of Uncle Vincent.

Ildangbaek can handle nearly all customer requests, including simple jobs like changing light bulbs.

Who Are the Actors in One Hundred Won Butler?

HyeRi is a critically regarded Korean actress and idol who made her acting debut in the 2012 SBS drama “Tasty Life” and with the group Girl’s Day in 2010, respectively.

From 2018 through 2021, she will appear in “My Roommate Is a Gumiho,” “When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon,” and “Amazing Saturday-Doremi Market,” among other films and television programs.

one hundred won butler

HyeRi will play the role of Baek Dong Ju. Baek Dong Ju is a mortician who possesses telepathic talents. To prevent having a horrible day, she must fulfill the deceased’s final request. Jun, aka Lee JunYoung, the lead singer of U-KISS, is also a well-known former member of the K-pop duo UNB.

He has since appeared in other K-Dramas, including “Let Me Be Your Knight” and “Imitation,” as well as the film “More Painful Than Sadness” (2016). Many of his followers are looking forward to his latest project.

Lee JunYoung will play the role of Kim JipSa. His uncle operates Ildangbaek, a daily errand business, with a single employee. Ildangbaek provides a variety of services, and Kim JipSa gives his customers his all. Lee Gyu-Han will also play the role of Vincent.

He is the CEO of Ildangbaek and, along with Song DeokHo and Seo HaeAn, the youngest uncle of JipSa. He will appear in the supporting cast as a police officer who lives alone on the second level.

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When Will the First Episode of the One Hundred Won Butler Premiere?

When will the first episode of One hundred win butler premiere? The premiere of episode 1 of One Hundred Won Butler will occur on Wednesday, October 19, 2022. The program will air at 9:50 p.m. on the renowned South Korean channel MBC.

However, international fans can view One Hundred Won Butler episode 1 on the streaming services listed in the following section. Fans must compare this time with their local time to prevent missing the premiere of the first episode of One Hundred Won Butler.

• Summer Time in Britain: 1:50 p.m. (October 19, 2022).
• Indian Standard Time: 6:20 pm (October 19, 2022)
• Singapore Standard Time: 8:50 pm (October 19, 2022).

one hundred won butler
• Standard time in the Philippines: 8:50 pm (October 19, 2022)
• Japanese Standard Time: 9:50 pm. (19 October 2022)
• Standard Pacific Time is 5:50 a.m. (19 October 2022)
• Standard Eastern Time is 8:50 a.m. (19 October 2022)

Where And How Can I Watch The First Episode Of One Hundred Won Butler?

One hundred won butler episode 1 will air on MBC, but Rakuten Viki will stream the program at the hours stated above for overseas viewers. So refresh your calendars, and don’t forget to watch the premiere of the first episode of One Hundred Won Butler.

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