New Netflix Thriller Series Triptych Ending Explained: Who Was the Triplets' Biological Mother?


New Netflix Thriller Series Triptych Ending Explained: Who Was the Triplets’ Biological Mother?


Triptych is a brand-new addition to Netflix’s selection of fascinating Mexican thrillers. The thoughtful mystery series premiered exclusively on Netflix on Wednesday, February 22, 2023. The series is written by Leticia López Margalli, while Leonardo D’Antoni and Alba Gil have acted as directors.

Netflix’s official plot summary for the Mexican series goes as follows:

“After learning she was separated at birth from her two identical sisters, Rebecca embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the truth about her origins.”

The cast list for Triptych includes Maite Perroni, Flavio Medina, David Chocarro, Angel Zermen, Ana Layevska, and Hector Kotsifakis, among others.

Since its debut, the series has received a great deal of praise from both audiences and reviewers owing to its intricately woven mind-bending plot, stellar performances by the main characters, and nail-biting conclusion. Now, without further ado, let’s delve deep and see how Triptych concludes.

The Ending of the New Netflix Thriller Series Triptych is Explained Below.

Who was the triplets’ biological mother?

The Mexican Netflix series centered on the lives of three triplet siblings, including Rebecca, Aleida, and Tamara. A few months after their birth, the three were separated and raised in three distinct households: one in a wealthy family, one in a middle-class family, and one in a poor family.

By the conclusion of Triptych, it was revealed that everything was a component of a complex experiment done by Aleida’s therapist, Dr. Bátiz.

To get a deeper knowledge of how the triplets’ minds functioned and how their behavior was influenced by their nature and upbringing, the doctor carried out this long and extremely inhuman procedure.


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Rebecca and Tamara learned about this project and desired to learn everything they could about their biological parents. Dr. Bátiz and her team, who included Rebecca’s love interest Humberto, kidnapped them when they learned nearly the entire truth. The doctor incarcerated them in glass cells in the house where it all began.

There, while explaining to Tamara and Rebecca why she had done all of this, she revealed the unexpected news that she was their biological mother.

What Happened to Aleida and Her Siblings at the End?

At the beginning of the series, the viewers witnessed Aleida attempting to confront the doctor about the experiment and reveal her dark secrets, but she was regrettably subdued by the police. Afterward, it became apparent that she had died in the hospital.


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Nevertheless, this was not accurate. When Dr. Bátiz confessed to Rebecca and Tamara that she was their real mother, she also revealed that Aleida was still alive and being held in a locked room in the same house as them.

The electricity went out at that time, and the girls fled and began searching for Aleida. It was the latter who turned off the power and left her room. Rebecca and Tamara ultimately located Aleida, but their evil birth mother kept her at gunpoint.

Nonetheless, they were able to save their sister and flee in a car from the estate. Before departing, they left Dr. Bátiz unable to escape from a location within the estate. The three siblings were reunited with their relatives at the conclusion.

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