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Never Let Me Go Episode 3 Release Date, Time & Stream Guide


The BL series has become incredibly popular. With only two episodes out, BL dramas including Between Us, I Will Knock You, Never Let Me Go, and 10 Years Ticket has all seen increases in popularity.

Finally known is the release date for Episode 3. But before we reveal the date and time of Episode 3, here is some information about the show.

Nuengdiao is a faultless Perfect Man. because he was raised in a family that did not tolerate imperfection. But one day, he saw the murder of his father. Within a short period of time, his entire universe collapsed. He and his mother are now targets of the same person who planned his father’s murder.

A trustworthy employee is hired by Palm to keep them safe. While defending Nuengdiao and his family, they develop feelings for one another. Will Nuengdiao be able to be protected by Palm? Will there be a happy ending for both of them? Watch the Series on the linked streaming channels to find out.

Never Let Me Go Previous Episode Recap

Nuengdiao and Palm are combined. In episode two, we notice that they both give each other loving glances. Nevertheless, whether it be love or merely friendship, they are both making an effort to understand the emotion. The action starts at the dinner table when uncle Noon interrupts Palm.

Palm finds it challenging to learn Chinese in school because he is still learning the language and does not yet have a functional vocabulary. Later, he finds out that Nueng experiences bullying every single day. In the tragic episode, we see Chopper get resentful of Ben while listening to Palm. Chopper might have a soft spot in his heart for Palm.

New Thai BL series 'Never Let Me Go' brings romantic action to iWantTFC – Manila Bulletin

We see the criminal who is Chopper’s father attempting to amputate someone’s hand. Chopper is standing there, unconcerned with the circumstance. In the episode, Nueng is admitted despite being late to school.

However, some students who arrived late were disciplined. This might be the reason why Nueng is being teased by everyone. Later, Chopper acknowledges that he was the one who shattered Ben and his friends.

At the conclusion of the episode, Nuengdiao and Palm barely avoid colliding with one another. Tanya also suffered an accident that day, raising the possibility that it was a deliberate accident. Don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode to learn more about what caused the accident.

Because their friendship has struck a snag, fans can expect to see Chopper and Ben’s relationship improve in the upcoming episode. Additionally, Chopper’s father might have planned the accident. You must watch Episode 3 to find out. The majority of fans’ doubts will be resolved in the upcoming episode.

They had both experienced a difficult time in their lives. But it is only fleeting. At some point, when they no longer have each other, bad days will cease. We think they can get through this difficult time as a team. I experienced the feeling of being on an emotional roller coaster while watching Episode 2.

However, I have faith in them both. They may be going through all the difficulties right now. But as everyone is aware, there is a brighter day following a bad night. They’ll find a way out of it in this manner.

Never Let Me Go Episode 3: Release Date

The third episode of Never Let Me Go will air on December 27, 2022, at 9:30. (Manila time). International viewers can access the program at the local time in their respective nations.

Don’t miss the next episode because it will show the face of the person who attempted to strike Palm and Nuengdiao while they were in the automobile. The show will air on GMM 25’s primary network every Tuesday. Each episode will also run for 60 minutes.

Where to Watch Never Let Me Go Episode 3?

The third episode of Never Let Me Go will air on December 27, 2022, at 9:30. The channel is on YouTube. Each episode will be hosted by GMM 25.

The episodes will have subtitles and be accessible on the Youtube channel. You don’t need to hunt for another platform to watch the show because GMM 25 on YouTube is where it can be found for free.

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