Netflix Renewed Lockwood & Co. For a Second Season; what Can We Expect

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Has Netflix Renewed Lockwood & Co. For a Second Season? What Can We Expect?


When it comes to combating supernatural ghouls, the United States has been fortunate to have its very own Ghostbusters. What about us, though? Even the British are haunted, you know!

Thankfully, Netflix has brought Lockwood & Co, a new adaptation of Jonathan Stroud’s young adult book series, to the United States. With Joe Cornish of Attack the Block writing and directing, the only “problem” we have is that eight episodes are insufficient for the first season.

Grab some salt bombs and join us here as we dissect everything you need to know about the second season of Lockwood & Co on Netflix.

About “Lockwood & Co.” Series

The young adult novel series “Lockwood & Co.” is written by British author Jonathan Stroud. The series contains five books: “The Screaming Staircase,” “The Whispering Skull,” “The Hollow Boy,” “The Creeping Shadow,” and “The Empty Grave.” In this alternate version of London, ghosts pose a continuous threat to the living. Members of Lockwood & Co., a small ghost-hunting agency headed by the charismatic and mysterious Anthony Lockwood, are the protagonists.

The series follows Lucy Carlyle, George Cubbins, and Lockwood himself as they investigate hauntings, solve mysteries, and combat supernatural foes. Along the journey, they encounter a variety of ghosts, ranging from benign apparitions to malevolent, possessive spirits.

Lockwood & Co Season 2 Release Date

The series has been praised for its captivating characters, suspenseful plotlines, and original combination of horror, humor, and mystery. Numerous awards, including the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery and the Audie Award for Best Narration for Children’s Books, have been bestowed upon it. The novels have also been adapted into a successful BBC Radio 4 audio drama series of the same name.

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“Lockwood & Co.” has been compared to other popular young adult series, such as “Harry Potter” and “Percy Jackson,” but it stands on its own as an innovative and creative take on the supernatural genre. It has garnered a devoted following of juvenile and adult readers and has been translated into several languages.

Lockwood & Co Season 2 Release Date

Netflix announces the renewal of a new show within one or two months of its premiere, and production can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months. If Lockwood & Co is fortunate enough to receive a renewal notice, the second season will likely premiere in the spring of 2024.

Lockwood & Co Season 2 Release Date

However, Netflix has been on what can only be described as a cancellation spree recently, so for the adaptation to have a chance of returning for a second season, it will require substantial viewership.

Lockwood & Co Season 2 Cast: Who Will Return?

If Netflix decides to keep Lockwood & Co going, we can expect to see most of these actors and actresses back for season two:

  • Ruby Stokes as Lucy Carlyle
  • Cameron Chapman as Anthony Lockwood
  • Ali Hadji-Heshmati as George Karim
  • Ivanno Jeremiah as Inspector Barnes
  •  Morven Christie as Penelope Fittes
  •  Jemma Moore as Annabel Ward
  •  Jack Bandeira as Quill Kipps
  •  Hayley Konadu as Flo Bones
  • Rhianna Dorris as Kat Godwin
  • Paddy Holland as Bobby Vernon
  •  Rico Vina as Ned Shaw

Lockwood & Co Season 2 Plot: What to Expect?

The first arc ended with a few unanswered questions thanks to Lockwood & Co’s finale. Among them is the mystery of what happened to Lockwood’s parents. We learn that they’re both dead at the start of the show, but Anthony’s encounter with the Golden Blade suggests that there’s a lot more to this backstory than meets the eye. Even Anthony is unsure of what is going on right now.

The other major plot point that requires an answer is Lockwood’s mysterious room upstairs. Throughout the season, he has kept it tightly closed and warned the others not to look inside.

Lockwood & Co Season 2 Release Date

After eight episodes, Anthony decides it’s time to open the door and show his teammates what he’s been hiding. Unfortunately, the credits begin to roll just as the door swings open, so the contents of this room remain unknown for the time being.

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Lockwood is either hiding something extremely embarrassing or he is protecting the others from something dangerous tucked away inside. Our money is on the latter, but what this could be is unknown. Perhaps there is some kind of portal or another magical artifact that is even more dangerous than the mirror?

Lockwood & Cois is now available to stream on Netflix.

Final Words

Lockwood & Co. is a Netflix adaptation of the popular young adult book series by Jonathan Stroud. The show follows three young investigators as they solve supernatural mysteries and fight off ghosts. The series has been praised for its original blend of horror, humor, and mystery, and has been compared to other popular young adult series. The second season is expected to premiere in spring 2024 if it gets renewed. The show features a talented cast and a suspenseful plot, leaving fans eager for more.

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