Netflix Queenmaker Trailer


Netflix Queenmaker Trailer: Kim Hee-ae and Moon So-ri Shake Up Seoul’s Mayoral Election


Today, Netflix’s K-drama division published the trailer for the upcoming K-drama title (March 30, 2023). When the 39th Seoul Mayoral By-election nears, Hee-Hwang ae’s Do-hee, a prominent political fixer, switches allegiances to support So-Oh RI’s Seung-candidacy sook in order to bring down her former corrupt boss.

In such circumstances, however, the struggle for justice is never simple, and the dynamic combination faces worthy foes who know how to bend the people’s words to their will.

Soo-Baek young’s Jae-min appears as yet another contender for mayor of Seoul, teaming up with Jin Kyung’s Seo Min-Jeong, dubbed “servant of the people.”

Both of them are experts in this political game as “A-class clowns” who know how to use cameras and lighting to appeal to the people.

In the end, utilize the same resources to degrade Do-hee and Seung-squad. sook’s Everyone is attempting to tarnish the reputation of Seung-sook, a human rights solicitor also known as the “rhino of justice.”

In the meantime, Seo Yi-son sook’s Young-sim, chairman of Eunsung Group, has the ability to shake things up with financial help and intends to get rid of Do-hee.

Do-hee and Seung-sook realize that they are not facing a human opponent, but rather someone so wicked and vile that they are willing to pull any plug to emerge victorious in this fight of politics and treachery.

Hee-ae has previously had main parts in K-dramas such as Secret Affair and The World of the Married, the latter of which being her most recent appearance.

In addition, she will return to acting in The Whirlwind as Jeong Su-jin following this web series. In contrast, So-ri is well known for her roles in A Good Lawyer’s Wife and Oasis.

She last starred as Kang In-sook in the 2022 Netflix film Seoul Vibe and as Dang Ja-young in the Korean television series On the Edge of Insanity.

There are more series and shows that are more interesting. K-drama is very popular today. Netflix always surprises its users with new series and shows. Queenmaker is one of the upcoming k-drama series. Many iconic cast members join the cast and crew.

Save the Netflix April 2023 series calendar in your watching list.

K-Drama Queenmaker Trailer

With Election Day rapidly coming, there is no time to back out now! On April 14, 2023, the political K-drama series begins streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Are you happy to see Hwang Do-hee and Oh Seung-Seok lead the Seoul Mayoral elections? Have you seen any other television dramas starring any of the lead actors? Please share your opinions in the comments Box.

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