National Treasure 3 Release Date


National Treasure 3 Release Date: Unlocking the Next Chapter in the Hunt!

Mai K. Sosa

The National Treasure film series, known for its captivating blend of history and adventure, has left fans eagerly anticipating news of a third installment.

What is on page 47 of the President’s Book of Secrets in National Treasure 2 has been hotly theorized, and the National Treasure Page 47 mystery could be the concept for the long-awaited National Treasure 3.

National Treasure, released in 2004, was a promising film with the potential to become a long-running, profitable series for Disney. Nicolas Cage, Jon Voight, Diane Kruger, and Justin Bartha star in the film.

National Treasure followed characters Ben, Abigail, and Riley on their quest for a long-lost historical treasure based on a map discovered on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Soon after, National Treasure: A Book of Secrets was released in 2007.

In this article, we delve into the legacy of the franchise, the signs pointing to a sequel, and the factors influencing the release date of “National Treasure 3.”

National Treasure 3 Release Date

It is expected that National Treasure 3 will be released in 2025 since we’ve been told by many of the key people involved that the film is extremely close to being completed.

In August 2022, Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the original two films, told that the script for National Treasure 3 was finished and in the hands of Nicolas Cage himself. These films rely heavily on Cage’s presence; therefore, it’s all up to him.

National Treasure 3 Release Date

In February 2023, director Jon Turteltaub stated that “there is a very good possibility of a National Treasure 3 being very close.”

Cage told GQ in 2022 that his career slump hampered National Treasure 3. “The phone became silent. ‘What do you mean we’re not doing National Treasure 3?’ they asked. It’s been fourteen years. ‘I mean, why not?’ Sorcerer’s Apprentice failed, while Ghost Rider failed to sell tickets. And Drive Angry just appeared and vanished.”

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The stage is set for him to return to his most cherished franchise, and with a version of the script ready to go, we believe the film will be in front of cameras before the end of 2024 if they can find a space in Cage’s hectic schedule. We could be back with Ben Gates and diving into his world of adventure by the summer of 2025.

Expected Cast of National Treasure 3

There will be no National Treasure 3 until Nicolas Cage returns to reprise his role as Benjamin Franklin Gates. Here’s the list of expected cast members in National Treasure 3:

  • Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates
  • Justin Bartha as Riley Poole
  • Diane Kruger as Dr Abigail Chase

What Will Happen in National Treasure 3?

National Treasure 3 should finally settle fans’ questions about what was on page 47 of the Book of Secrets.

National Treasure 3 Release Date

Ben has access to a lot of confidential information regarding America’s future as a result of his access to that secret diary. He told the president at the end of the second film that the information on page 47 was “life-altering.” That’s a tantalizing cliffhanger to keep fans guessing for the next 16 years.

We don’t expect to see Bruce Greenwood as president again (he won’t be in power for another decade), but we might learn about the significance of the information Ben gave him on page 47. We know it’s still on the minds of the creative team because Bartha’s character made a reference to it in the new TV show.

Beyond that, we anticipate a fresh plot for Ben and his friends to decipher, whether or not they are assisted by high-level officials this time.

Is there a trailer for National Treasure 3?

We won’t see a National Treasure 3 trailer until the film is finished, so late 2024 at the very least. For now, you can watch the trailer for season 2 below:


As fans eagerly anticipate the next adventure with Benjamin Gates, “National Treasure 3” holds the promise of unlocking a new chapter in the treasure hunt. While the release date remains a mystery, the fervor among fans continues to grow, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for the next installment in this iconic film series.

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