Nailed It Season 7 Release Date is Nailed It Coming Back in October 2022


Nailed It Season 7 Release Date: is “Nailed It” Coming Back in October 2022?

Jeremy Caroll

Are you a big fan of cooking shows and food? If so, you’re in for a fantastic fall this year. With Nailed It!, Netflix has an excellent roster of returning programs. Yes, we’re talking about one of Netflix’s most popular cookery shows, which will return in October.

With a Halloween-themed season, there will be plenty of tricks and sweets, as well as ghoulish surprises. Let’s get into the specifics of Nailed It! Season seven.

Nailed It Season 7 Release Date

Nailed It! season 7 will be released on Friday, October 7, according to Netflix. Of course, Nicole Byer will return to host the seventh season of the show, which will have a Halloween theme and “surprises” from some of Netflix’s most popular shows.

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How many episodes will be in Nailed It season 7?

The seventh season of Nailed It! will feature around half as many episodes as the previous six, seven, or eight seasons. According to Netflix, season seven will consist of only four episodes, each running approximately 45 minutes. Even though there will be fewer episodes than usual, fans should still be thrilled for the Halloween-themed season!

As soon as additional information about the season, such as a trailer and fresh photographs, becomes available, we will keep all of the Nailed It! fans informed of the most recent season 7 news. Stay tuned for much more information on the series, and be sure to watch seasons 1 through 6 on Netflix immediately.

Nailed It Season 7 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Nailed It Season 7 Host

Nailed It! is back with its stunning host Nicole Byer, a well-known American actress, comedian, television host, podcaster, and author. She has garnered two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Nailed It! Nicole has been in a number of TV shows and films, as well as worked extensively as an author.

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It’ll be interesting to see Nicole Byer re-energize the show. Who do you think will win the $10,000 prize and the Nailed it? Trophy this season?

Nailed It Season 7 Trailer

On September 21, Netflix published the trailer for Nailed It! Season 7. Nailed It! previews have always been entertaining to watch, never failing to captivate fans and get them psyched for the launch, and Season 7’s is no exception.

While the show is built on a Halloween theme this time, the season is intended to provide fright and tasty food with each episode.

Nailed it Season 7 Specifications

Nailed It! is a Netflix show in which amateur bakers with a poor track record attempt to recreate delicious wonders for a $10,000 reward.

This year’s baking spectacular received two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Competition. Nicole Byer, the host, was also nominated for Outstanding Host. Nailed It! Season 7 will have a Halloween theme with surprises from some of Netflix’s most popular shows.

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Where to watch Nailed it Season 7?

Season 7 of Nailed It! will be available on Netflix on October 5, 2018. Prepare for an exciting season with Nicole Byer. In the first six seasons of the show, fans watched and rewatched the show to witness contestants build both delectable and enormous cakes.

Season 7 will be another fantastic season of nonstop entertainment, wonderful vibes, and comically botched pastries prepared by the participants. On October 5, head to your Netflix sofa to watch the heated mess.

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