My Policeman: Release Date | Trailer | Cast | Is Louis Tomlinson in My Policeman?

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Harry Styles leads the cast of Amazon Prime Video’s My Policeman, playing secretly gay police officer Tom Burgess alongside The Crown’s Emma Corrin as his wife Marion.

My Policeman, directed by Red’s Michael Grandage, follows the story of PC Tom Burgess, who fights to conceal his sexuality while living in Brighton, England, in 1957. The film is based on Bethan Roberts’s 2012 novel My Policeman, which investigates the persecution of homosexuality in 1950s Britain.

“The whole point of Tom is that he is a character who is perplexed.” It’s made more complicated by the fact that he’s a cop, and his job is to enforce the law. And the law in the country at the time is about everything he feels—the complexity of it is something that whoever played younger Tom and adult Tom needed to comprehend and absorb,” adds Grandage.

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My Policeman: Release Date, Trailer, Casting, Storyline

The Story of My Policeman

My Policeman is set in the 1950s, during a time when social culture, history, and politics were changing rapidly. A young police officer, Tom Burgess, gets caught in the midst of the changing tides of time when he falls in love with the artistic-minded museum curator, Patrick Hazelwood.

Marion, a schoolteacher, appears and falls in love with Tom. Given the circumstances, Tom and Patrick’s love seemed unachievable, so he marries Marion while continuing to love Patrick. And so starts a complicated, chaotic journey for three young people as they navigate social upheaval, emotional conflict, and unfulfilled love.

Even as the novel progresses and time passes, the three characters’ feelings of longing and sorrow continue to engulf them. My Policeman is not a mystery or suspense novel, but rather a long and exhausting trip through life that must be discovered.

Though we know what it’s about, we still don’t know how each of the individuals navigates their social identities while coping with their emotions and self-discoveries, and how this upheaval in their life all comes together in the end.

According to our sources, My Policeman will be a poignant portrayal of love, liberty, and forgiveness.

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The Cast of ‘My Policeman’

My Policeman: Release Date, Trailer, Casting, Storyline

Major characters in My Policeman include Harry Styles, Emma Corrin, David Dawson, Gina McKee, Linus Roache, and Rupert Everett. In addition to Andrew Tiernan, Kadiff Kirwan, Jack Bandeira, Maddie Rice, Dora Davis, Tristan Sturrock, and many others in various parts, the cast includes Andrew Tiernan, Kadiff Kirwan, Jack Bandeira, Maddie Rice, Dora Davis, Tristan Star

  • Harry Styles in the role of Tom Burgess – Tom is a gay Brighton police officer who is in love with a museum curator.
  • Linus Roache plays an elderly Tom, who most likely appears near the end of the story.
  • Marion Taylor is played by Emma Corrin.
  • Marion falls in love with Tom and finally marries him, despite the fact that he is gay and in love with another man.
  • Gina McKee portrays an older Marion.

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Release Date of My Policeman

Prime Video has finally confirmed the release date of My Policeman, which will be accessible worldwide on November 4, 2022. The film will also be released in British theatres a month earlier, on October 21, 2022. It runs for 113 minutes and is rated R.

My Policeman Trailer


Along with Emma Corrin as Marion and Harry as Tom Burgess, My Policeman stars Luther and The Last Kingdom actor David Dawson as Patrick — not Louis Tomlinson as Wikipedia currently claims.

“In the end, Marion and Patrick find some peace,” Will from Corney & Barrow adds. “You wish they could have all found a way to be happy back then.” There’s so much going on beneath the surface, so much intricacy, so much to spark new pairings.”
Marion will be played by Emma Corrin, Tom will be played by Harry Styles, and Patrick will be played by David Dawson.

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