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When will Murder Mystery Season 2 be released in Australia?


Murder Mystery 2 (2023) is the sequel to Murder Mystery (2019) and follows a married couple who become involved in a murder investigation aboard a billionaire’s boat. In this sequel, Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler are probably involved in another crime.

When Murder Mystery arrived on Netflix in 2019, few mystery-comedy fans had high hopes. Today, around four years later, we eagerly anticipate the release of Murder Mystery 2. Given the amazing success of the first film, it is not surprising that the streaming service has commissioned a sequel with the same cast.

Critics gave Murder Mystery mixed reviews and a lacklustre welcome at its initial release. But, if figures are any indication of a film’s success, it garnered the highest number of views for a Netflix film in its first weekend with 31 million.

Now that Netflix has returned with a sequel, read this article to learn all about it, including story facts, the release date, the cast and characters, and more.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston reprise their roles from the first film, as anticipated. In an announcement, Netflix revealed the plot for Murder Mystery 2.

Nick and Audrey Spitz, now full-time detectives and attempting to establish their private eye agency, find themselves at the center of an international kidnapping when their buddy, the Maharaja, is kidnapped at his own lavish wedding.

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Murder Mystery 2 Release Date Australia

Murder Mystery 2 Release Date Australia

The Murder Mystery Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on March 31, 2023, according to the most recent reports. As is normal with Netflix original TV shows and movies, it will be released in Australia and globally at 12:00 a.m. P.T., or 3:00 p.m. E.T.

Murder Mystery 2 Plot and Storyline

The first film gives viewers a glimpse of the couple and how they interact with each other in Murder Mystery 2. Nick Spitz is a veteran NYPD cop seeking promotion to the detective rank.

His wife, Audrey, is a hairstylist who enjoys reading murder mysteries. They have been married for fifteen years, but their worldwide honeymoon, or at least what Nick promised his wife, never occurred.

On their 15th wedding anniversary, they may finally fulfill their trip desires. However, their delayed honeymoon turns into a tumultuous ride of murder and mayhem, and their holiday evolves into a crime-solving mission.

In the sequel, which occurs sometime after the first film, Nick and Audrey are now private detectives with their own agency. After their amazing experience on their previous journey, the Spitz decide to turn their talent for detecting crimes into a full-time profession. Unfortunately, a lack of cases and clients makes it tough to maintain the business.

In the meantime, their mutual buddy, the Maharaja, is getting married and is kidnapped at his own wedding. If they can solve the case, it will be a tremendous opportunity for them to establish their agency and gain money.

Murder Mystery 2 Cast

Like the first, Murder Mystery 2 will include an ensemble cast. Aniston portrays Audrey Spitz, a hairdresser and avid reader of murder mystery novels, while Sandler portrays Nick Spitz, a former NYPD officer who becomes a detective.

Additionally, Mark Strong, Tony Goldwyn, Jodie Turner-Smith, Zurin Villanueva, Mélanie Laurent, Enrique Arce, Annie Mumolo, and Kuhoo Verma will both appear in the mystery comedy sequel in various roles. Black Panther stars John Kani reprises his role as Colonel Ulenga and Adeel Akhtar return as the Maharajah.

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