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Multiversus Season 1: What Will Be the Release Date?

Jeremy Caroll

Ever since MultiVersus‘ soft launch into open beta, the world has been completely swept away. People are having a great time and the game is a major success. But as you are aware, today’s gamers are constantly seeking more. Of course, MultiVersus is designed to be a life-service game, which means that new content is continually being added. Season 1 will officially launch MultiVersus and is expected to add a tonne of new content to the game.

Release Date of Multiversus Season 1

The release date of the first season of MultiVersus has been pushed back, after having been scheduled to debut on August 9 in the past. But you shouldn’t be concerned, my love. The delay shouldn’t cause too much trouble, at least. Even though the creators haven’t made an official announcement about a new release date, we anticipate that MultiVersus season 1 will be available on August 16.

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The official MultiVersus Twitter account revealed that the pre-season pass would be extended from August 8 to August 15, hinting that we will get season 1 then. This news came around the same time as the postponement was announced. However, this is still conjectured at this point until the release date has been formally announced.

The Pass of Battle

A new Battle Pass will be introduced into MultiVersus with the start of the first season. We do not have a lot of information regarding the Battle Pass at this time, but we do know that it will cost 950 Gleamium, which is equivalent to $9.99, and that it will include 50 tiers. This information was shared on Twitter by the game’s director, Tony Huynh.

To put this into perspective, the initial pass available in the game during the preseason only had 15 tiers and cost 300 Gleamium, which is equivalent to $4.99. Therefore, you should anticipate receiving a significant amount of content with the purchase of the battle pass.

You may anticipate new skins and other cosmetics, such as icons, banners, and new variants, although just a few specifics have been disclosed thus far (you can read more about these below).

New Characters and Cosmetics

The first season of the MultiVersus game will also include the addition of new characters to the roster. Fans are aware that Rick and Morty, two characters from a renowned cartoon series, will make an appearance in the game in some capacity. It is not yet known, however, whether they will become accessible on the same day that the new season goes live or whether they will be made available a few days following the start of the game proper.

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Morty has not yet made an appearance in the game, although Rick has already made cameos in the game. Due to the delay in the release of Season 1, it will take a little bit longer for Morty to find his way into the character lineup.

In addition to the new playable characters, Player First has announced that the Season 1 snapshot will include new cosmetics as well. Specifically, different versions of Lebron James and Bugs Bunny will be available to players once the update goes live.

New Mode with Rankings

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the upcoming season will be the introduction of a brand-new competitive gameplay option. A new game mode known as Classic Arcade has also been hinted at by the developers, in addition to the existing Ranked multiplayer format.

Players of MultiVersus may anticipate the release of Season 1 to bring with it a wealth of new content, despite the fact that information is still scant.

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