Miss Scarlet & the Duke Season 3 Episode 2 Recap and Review


Miss Scarlet & the Duke Season 3 Episode 2 Recap and Review


Miss Scarlet & the Duke Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: William “The Duke” Wellington (Stuart Martin) and Eliza Scarlet (Kate Phillips) begin the episode undercover as Dr and Mrs Evans. He informs her that restaurant patrons have reported home break-ins while dining there.

She watches Arabella Acaster (Sophie Robertson), an old classmate, approach. Arabella recalls Eliza’s last appearance as a swamp creature. Arabella’s owner. Eliza and The Duke witness a crime after leaving the restaurant.

Tibor (Stefan Vukic) demands Eliza’s brooch after The Duke chases the suspect. She warns him that police have surrounded the place. Before leaving, he removes her brooch. The Duke informs Arabella that police are investigating jewel thefts from her restaurant patrons.

Private detective Eliza confesses. He believes the simultaneous robberies were no coincidence. She claims the first crime distracted her. He informs them that the lavender peddler is likely a gangster.

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Arabella’s businesswomanship amazes Ivy (Cathy Belton). Arabella tells her the restaurant was her deceased husband’s family. Her father made jewellery. The Duke tells Eliza that the lavender peddler and robber were paid to distract from her broach. She must accompany him to verify Tibor’s identity.

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He makes her wait in the carriage at the tavern. Detective Fitzroy (Evan McCabe) informs her of his boxing training. Igor Filipovic, the landlord, denies knowing Tibor, who sneaks out. Eliza slams the carriage door. His pocket hides Arabella Acaster’s “Lady Blue Dress Spilla” business card.

Eliza studies Italian “Brooch” Spilla. Tibor says he found the business card on the street. Vac Prison in Budapest is tattooed on his arm. If he doesn’t reveal the note’s origin, the Duke will send him back to Hungarian prison.

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Arabella fires Grace, Eliza enters the restaurant (Tafline Steen). Arabella shows her the multi-national restaurant. When The Duke arrives, Arabella says their pastry chef, Paolo, and waiter, Enzo Moretti (Nikola Stankovic), are Italian. He tells her Enzo is robbing restaurant patrons with a street thief.

Grace informs Eliza that Arabella has been firing workers because she can no longer pay them. Eliza suggests helping her. Grace saw Arabella put loan money in her safe.

Eliza tells Mrs Herbert (Abigail Thaw) that she and her husband, an MP for Chalfont St. Giles, came from Hertfordshire to see Arabella. Mrs Herbert informs her that Arabella’s husband died deeply indebted.

Arabella told Eliza she was helping her financially. Mrs Herbert denies the allegations and says Arabella’s loan applications were rejected.

Arabella leads Eliza to the Lavender Woman (Sam Bell). She requests The Duke from the police. Arabella feeds homeless people when they enter. She denies knowing the Lavender Woman robbed. Eliza says she told her mother about her “thriving business.” Arabella is indebted but proud.

The Duke suggests Eliza forgives. Eliza admits to letting her emotions affect her work. She fought Arabella over not fitting in. She wanted Arabella and her friends to dislike her behaviour, not her childhood. Ivy assures her that those girls would never have approved of anything she did. Eliza’s Victoria’s sponge cake failed.

Eliza unlocks her office safe while waiting for Arabella. R. Bennett’s Pawnbrokers invoice is found. Arabella enters her office to find Eliza gone. Fitzroy tells The Duke that Enzo works with his uncle Frankie, a theft investigator. The Duke asks if Frankie returned to London. Fitzroy says Frankie’s workshop is open again.

The Duke breaks into the workshop. The police station receives a box of evidence. The Duke tells Eliza about Enzo and Frankie’s workshop. Returns her mother’s brooch. She claims Arabella sold six 300-pound jewellery pieces in three months.

Eliza learns that Arabella owned all six pieces of jewellery. A heart-shaped sapphire ring on the list was in Arabella’s office safe. He suggests Arabella had two similar rings.

Why won’t he accept the evidence? Before leaving, he assures her that his decisions are motivated. A gem emerges when she rubs her mother’s brooch. The Duke and Fitzroy discuss Frankie’s former employer, a jewellery store owned by an old country family.

Miss Scarlet & The Duke Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Eliza and The Duke are watching a restaurant where diners were robbed and their homes were broken into. Arabella, Eliza’s schoolmate, owns the restaurant. Arabella bullied Eliza and stole her necklace.

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The Lavender Woman and a man distract Eliza while Hungarian immigrant Tibor steals her mother’s brooch. Murano, Enzo, and Frankie, Italian immigrants, run a crime syndicate with Tibor.

Arabella’s debt makes Eliza suspect her. Enzo and Frankie copy stolen jewellery for a local family jewellery store. The jeweller sells the real pieces and replaces them. Enos and Tibor are charged, not Arabella.

Eliza’s childhood memories overshadowed the investigation. She investigated Arabella’s crime despite her emotions. She was different as a child. Arabella, who didn’t know her father, envied Eliza and her father’s close relationship.

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