Marco Polo Season 3 Renew Status: Vice-President of Netflix "Cindy Holland’s Statement"


Marco Polo Season 3 Renew Status: Vice-President of Netflix “Cindy Holland’s Statement”


Five years ago, Marco Polo was one of the greatest historical dramas to debut on Netflix. Since then, fans of this program have longed for Season 3 of Marco Polo.

The series, which is based on Marco Polo’s early years at the court of Kublai Khan, garnered a devoted fan base. Will they eventually be able to see the third season of their beloved drama? Here is all that you need to know.

The television series Marco Polo is an American historical drama. This show was conceived by John Fusco, while The Weinstein Company produced it.

The first season was released on Netflix on December 12, 2014. The streaming giant extended the program for a second season despite the lukewarm reception. Both of these series consisted of ten episodes.

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Marco Polo Season 3: Is Season 3 Renew?

Sadly, Netflix chose not to renew the series after the second installment. This decision was made following the release of the second season, which similarly failed to meet the streaming giant’s performance criteria.

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Viewers and specialists reacted inconsistently to both episodes of this program. According to The Hollywood Reporter, over both seasons Netflix lost $200 million.

Netflix and The Weinstein Company have thus decided to cancel Season 3 of Marco Polo. However, after the news, a large number of fans attempted to encourage the producers to extend the show’s run.

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They also submitted many petitions. However, it appears that the producers have reached their financial limit, and they will not invest any further money in this historical play. Therefore, viewers must accept that their beloved television show will not return for a second season.

Vice-President of Netflix “Cindy Holland’s Statement”

The vice president of original content at Netflix Cindy Holland issued a statement following the cancellation of Season 3 of Marco Polo. In her message, she offered appreciation to everyone engaged in this production.

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Cindy remarked, “We would want to thank and express our gratitude to our allies on Marco Polo, from the musicians, whose performances were exceptional and bright, to the devoted producers, including Dan Minahan, John Fusco, Patrick MacManus, and their team.

They put their emotions into the program, along with Harvey, David, and our friends at The Weinstein Company, who were wonderful partners from the beginning.”

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As previously said, the likelihood of this historical drama returning is very nil. And it is quite doubtful that Netflix or any other company would pick up this program, especially given its first two seasons’ disastrous performance. However, if a miracle occurs and the producers decide to renew Marco Polo for a third season, it may premiere by the end of 2023.

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