Maleficent 3 Release Date


Maleficent 3 Release Date: When Could We See the Sleeping Beauty Villain?

Mai K. Sosa

Fans of the enchanting and darkly captivating world of Maleficent have been buzzing with anticipation as they eagerly await news of the release date for Maleficent 3. The film series, centered around the iconic Disney villainess, played by the incomparable Angelina Jolie, has left audiences enchanted with its unique take on the classic Sleeping Beauty tale.

As the clamor for the third installment grows, the burning question on everyone’s mind is: When can we expect the release of Maleficent 3?

When Will Maleficent 3 Be Released?

According to WSJ Magazine, Maleficent 3 is happening, and Angelina Jolie has officially joined the project. Despite expressing a wish to retire from acting, the Oscar winner is scheduled to reprise her role as the legendary villain from Sleeping Beauty.

Maleficent 3 Release Date

Though there have been speculations about a Maleficent 3 film, Disney has yet to confirm any of these. Though this may appear to be bad news, the House of Mouse has done nothing to quell these reports, thus there is still hope for the Fae’s continued story.

If Disney approves it conversations with star Angelina Jolie would need to take place, writers would need to be hired, and a director would need to be sought. For a huge endeavor like this, all of this takes time. If it goes ahead, it won’t be until the fall or winter of 2025.

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However, we think that ‘no news is good news.’ We haven’t heard anything about any official planning, so there’s a chance it won’t happen.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Maleficent 3?

We are convinced that Maleficent 3 would not be made if Angelina Jolie did not star as the eponymous evil. We’d also like to see Elle Fanning and other familiar celebrities return.

Here is the list of expected cast members in season 3:

  • Angelina Jolie as Maleficent
  • Elle Fanning as Aurora
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Conall
  • Sam Riley as Diaval
  • Ed Skrein as Borra
  • Harris Dickinson as Prince Phillip

What Will Happen in Maleficent 3?

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil concludes with a battle between the troops of the Dark Fae and Ulstead. Maleficent nearly murders Queen Ingrith but saves her life after hearing Aurora’s pleadings for mercy.

Maleficent 3 Release Date

Unsurprisingly, Queen Ingrith seizes the opportunity and shoots an arrow at Maleficent, but the strategy backfires as the Dark Fae leader transforms into the mythical Phoenix. Queen Ingrith panics and throws Aurora down a castle cliff, but Maleficent/Phoenix saves the day and swiftly transforms the Queen into a small goat.

In terms of how Mistress of Evil sets up Maleficent 3, the second installment gives Queen Ingrith a feeling of closure. Still, the character might return, if only for Pfeiffer’s on-screen personality and franchise appeal as a baddie.

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For the third film, Disney will most likely focus on Aurora and Phillip’s marriage and create a new adversary who can dominate the screen like Jolie. According to critics, moviegoers are anticipating that Maleficent 3 will be more focused on plot than spectacle.

Is There any Trailer for Maleficent 3?

It’s likely going to be a while before we see any new footage from Maleficent 3 since Disney has not renewed it yet. For now, you can watch the trailer for season 2 below:


As the anticipation for Maleficent 3 continues to build, fans of the franchise can take solace in the knowledge that the creators are working diligently to deliver a cinematic experience that lives up to the high standards set by its predecessors.

Until the official release date is announced, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the magic of the first two films, revisit the captivating world of Maleficent, and engage in the collective excitement that surrounds the upcoming installment. The dark fairy tale awaits its next chapter, and fans are ready to be spellbound once again.

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